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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Inspiring: Nigerian Medial Student Hosts Biggest Drum Show In Ukraine!

from: 01 . 05 . 16

Gone are the days when dreams were just a mere fantasy. The truth is that those who are zealous enough to chase after their dreams eventually achieve them. In other words, if you can imagine anything in your mind, then you can make it happen.


Tobi Fatonade a.k.a Tobi Medic- Drums speaking at the event.

Tobi Fatonade a.k.a Tobi Medic- Drums is a 5th Year Medical student in the Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine. He is Nigerian and comes from Lagos. From the tender age of 8, Tobi started playing drums for his primary school marching band. Music became food for his soul, and regardless of his young age, he played the drums in church too.

Many adults will admit to the fact that they no longer pursue their childhood dreams and passions. Well, not Tobi. Pursuing medicine did not stop him from playing drums. Involving as the course proves to be, he concedes that it is his passion that keeps him going, and hard work too.

In an event organized by Elite Entertainment Group Ukraine in 2013, Tobi was the gospel award winning drummer of the year. His noticeable talent is not only admired by his fans, but great artists too. He has played for popular Ukrainian gospel artist Vitaly Yefremochkin  and also pop artists  Sunsay & Artem Pivoravov. Truly, a man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.


Contestants at the DrumQuestUkraine show

Have you ever dreamt of making the world a better place? Are you still chasing that dream? The 3rd of July, 2015, is a day that Tobi will never forget in the life. He found his own way of impacting his world. He gives the glory to God for the idea of starting a drum show with the purpose of elevating, inspiring, mentoring and supporting drummers physically, mentally and spiritually too.


Winner of DrumquestUkraine along side other contestants on the stage.

Few people believed in Tobi when he started out. This drove him to fully believe in himself expecting no applauses and recognition from everyone. With this understanding, and the desire to make it better for others, his God given idea was to support those in pursuit of their musical aspirations, recognizing and rewarding them in cash. The Drumquest show would serve as a token and a springboard for a professional career as a drummer. His vision is for the show to inspire drummers to be the very best they can be, and not just good. What an inspiration! Do you give up when no one seems to buy your idea? Use your challenges to elevate others in the same situation, and it will be your own way of changing your world.

For your dreams to come true, you have to first wake up and take actions however risky they may be. What was once a dream for Tobi has come to pass, because he acted on the idea that came to him. Today DrumQuestUkraine, happens to be the biggest drum show in the entire country! Different from any other show ever held, the drummers were thrilled and look forward to more of the created memories.


Tobi with the judges and some guests at the record breaking show

The history making event, DrumQuestUkraine, was held on the 5th and 12th of March, 2016 respectively. There were a total of 12 contestants from different cities in Ukraine. It was judged by a 3 man panel that comprised of ; Tobi Medic-Drums (the host), popularly known Ukrainian drummers Alexander Lyulyakin and Paul Kholodyansky.

At the end of the fiercely contested show, Oleg Noga, a drummer from Poltava region emerged the winner.

IMG_3514 (1)

Oleg Noga , winner of First edition of DrumQuestUkraine

From a church drummer to an international drum show host, Tobi is motivated to do more. The DrumQuestUkraine is not ending there, no. There is an oncoming edition scheduled for October 28th and 29th, 2016, with a grand prize of 10 000 Ukrainian Hryvnia.

The competition is open for all. Tobi doesn’t want any drummer to be left out. What is yet to come is unimaginable, and Tobi is a reason for us to dream again, and make our dreams come true as well as help others accomplish theirs!

New collage67 (4)

Moments to remember at the DrumQuestUkraine Show

Do you have a relationship with God? Most people think that growing up in a Christian family equates to having a personal relationship with God. Apart from encouraging us to believe in our dreams and work hard at them, Tobi Medic-Drums has revealed the importance of giving our lives to Christ. Just like any other believer would desire, Tobi always prayed for an encounter with God. His prayer was answered on the fateful evening of 15th  November 2015, after he survived a fatal accident. The accident showed him the power of God’s mysterious works. He has been closer to Him from hence forth, and testifies that in March 2016, God showed Himself again and saved him from another accident. “God is awesome! Unexplainable!” Tobi exclaimed.

“In life, I just want to be happy, and to me, playing drums is HAPPINESS!”

Fatonade Tobi Medic-Drums

Success knows no race or profession. You can succeed if you set your mind to it. Being a drummer is not enough for Tobi Fatonade. He also wants to specialize as a gynaecologist when he graduates from the medical school and travel around the world playing drums on bigger platforms. He is currently playing drums for Anyanya Udongwo, a gifted and spirit moving  Nigerian gospel artist who has participated twice at the “VOICE of  UKRAINE” and X-Factor Ukraine. Tobi is breaking records in a foreign country, your dreams are valid too. Don’t give up. Impossible is nothing!

By Elizabeth Ekakoro


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