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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

12 Lessons For Successful Leadership From Legendary Coach John R. Wooden!

from: 10 . 03 . 16

John Robert Wooden is the most decorated coaches of any sport anywhere in the world. He transformed not only the world of sports but he helped to transform the lives of hundreds of young men that came into his basketball program at The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

His mark on the sport and on the hearts and minds of these former student-athletes will be remembered throughout all of history. He truly had the heart of a champion.

woodenHe is well remembered for his rules and the disciple he excepted out of himself but also his players. He was there for them and they knew it. He had a love for the game that was second to his love of teaching.

wooden 1.2
His 12 Lessons in Leadership are just as legendary as he is:

1. Good values attract good people.
2. Love is the most powerful four-letter word.
3. Call yourself a teacher.
4. Emotion is your enemy.
5, It takes 10 hands to make a basket.
6. Little things make big things happen.
7. Make each day your masterpiece.
8. The carrot is mightier than the stick.
9. Make greatness attainable by all.
10. Seek significant change.
11. Don’t look at the scoreboard.
12. Adversity is your asset.
He is also noted for his Pyramid of Success as seen below:


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