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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

19 Positive CHANGES President Buhari Has Brought To Nigeria.

from: 02 . 03 . 17

A little word of encouragement for President Buhari will not kill you. The truth must be told about President Muhammadu buhari.

Here are 19 Significant Changes that have been made in president Buhari’s short stay in office:

1. No doubt we are going through hard times as a nation. PMB is slow and steady and we all want change like magic. That notwithstanding, CHANGE IS HERE.

For example, on Saturday, March 15th 2014, the then government of Goodluck Jonathan invited over 7 million Applicants for 4000 jobs, in the most fraudulent manner lacking in standards. Eventually, 16 innocent people died. But today, Buhari’s Government gave out 200,000 jobs using the E-method of application, and no casualty recorded. That is CHANGE

2. Despite that we are under recession, Buhari is paying seven years pension arrears, employing 200,000 graduates at cost of 6bn naira monthly, and with 300,000 soon to follow.
That is CHANGE

3. Despite the recession, Buhari has released
N700 billion for capital projects to reflate the economy,
N150bn for women entrepreneurship development,
N30 Billion for Lecturers’ Allowances and CBN is giving 3 each to graduate entrepreneurs.
That is CHANGE

4. Buhari implemented The Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy that past leaders were afraid to implement because it will expose their corruption.
That is CHANGE

5. Buhari Increased to 30% CAPEX and Infrastructural Engagements Nationwide.
That is CHANGE

‬6. The Army under Buhari has fought Boko Haram to a standstill,
rescued some Chibok Girls,
sanitized Areppo,
forced Niger Delta militants to negotiation,
thought IPOB and MASSOB how to observe the rule of law.
The untouchables like Tompolo are in hiding.
Those who thought they were bigger than Nigeria have understood otherwise.
Gani Adams, Dokubo Asari, Uwazuruike, Ateke Tom and their likes now know the limit of their shenanigans.
Even Nnamdi Kanu is secretly negotiating for freedom.

7. Non of our territories are under the control of non state actors. At best, all that those COWARDS can do is to secretly go and bomb our pipelines or send suicide bombers to IDP camps. They are all afraid to confront the army under Buhari.
That is CHANGE

8. Buhari is unwavering in his Anti-Corruption War. We are getting results that have surpassed all of the results of former regimes put together.

9. Today, the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki and over 26 retired and serving Army Generals are facing trial. That was unthinkable in the past. And their civilian counterparts are not left out. With hooligans like Obanikoro, Olisamethief, Fani-KayoStole and the rest returning stolen monies and judicial criminals being arrested the battle is getting set.
That is CHANGE

10. Come to the energy sector, there are many ongoing Power Projects that will over time make Nigeria energy sufficient. Buhari has a policy of Energy Mix, which will ensure that the sabotage of power infrastructure in the Niger Delta is tackled . That is CHANGE!

11. Other regions of Nigeria have identified energy sources that will make them independent of Niger Delta gas. Today wind and sun energy are being harnessed from North East and North West, Coal in the South East, Hydro power North Central and the rest. In no distant future, one of Buhari’s ambitious power projects, Mambilla 3,000 plant will gush energy with ease. That is CHANGE.

12. All these compared to I6 wasted years of past administration in energy sector. These other administrations spent over 36 billion dollars and could not generate 3000 megawatts. Meanwhile China spent 25 billion dollars in eleven years to generate 22,000 megawatts. Meaning that given the same time Buhari has achieved a great feat.
That is CHANGE

13. By 2018, all our rice consumption needs will be locally met. Tomatoes and many others too.
That is CHANGE

14. How about National Railway interconnectivity project and the Recent $2.2billon GE PPP agreement.

15. Many federal roads are being constructed.
Contractors who have not been paid since 20I2 have started receiving their cheque
The construction of Second Niger Bridge is under way,
Calabar to Lagos rail, Lagos to Kano rail, Ibadan to Lagos rail and many other ambitious projects that will restore Nigeria to it’s former glory are being undertaken by Buhari.
That is CHANGE!

16. Buhari banned 41 Items in the Forex list to help boost local production and protect naira. If you cannot take advantage, that is your fault. This ban is in your interest.
And that too is CHANGE!

17. Subsidy removal was to stop the elite from robbing you of the money we need to develop.
Past administrations refused to do it because they were beneficiaries and they lack the moral rectitude to do it. Only and incorruptible man like Buhari could stand up to those elites who were the beneficiaries of it.
That is CHANGE

18. Despite organized sabotage by corrupt politicians and other ignorant elements in our society, Buhari is trudging forward.
Although, President Buhari needs to speed things up and he needs to restructure our systems and bring about true Federalism that will help component units become productive and useful to the whole.

19. Nobody can fix Nigeria in one day. Even God believe in process, he is not in partnership with magicians. Buhari has not solved all our problems, but we are making progress. Don’t let your hate becloud your sense of value judgment.



4 Comments to “19 Positive CHANGES President Buhari Has Brought To Nigeria.”
Pst Sunday. I really enjoy your write ups and have been tremendously bless. But please, carefully analyse or scrutinise information before posting them..i live in Nigeria and closely following up with this Administration. Most information by theophilus is not correct..i will advise you carefully analyse and compare opinions that is political, before any posting.
Your advise has been noted, but Can you tell us what parts of his write up is not correct and state your own sources?
This is incorrect. Please do not bring politics into these issues. There has been a huge level of work done in the last two years. Travel to Akwa Ibom State as check for yourself, before PMB's Govt, the three main roads linking into AKS (uyo- Calabar, Uyo- Aba and Eket Port Harcourt expressways) were almost impassable. Uyo- Aba, was TOTALLY non existent. only a bike could pass that route. Uyo- calabar became a 7 - 12 hour journey over 72 Kimlometers. Today Uyo Calabar is a ONE hour journey, and others are being fixed. Please do not deny these very evident progress that has been made. Same goes for over 50 other interstate roads in Akwa Ibom, and the Niger delta region.
These are all impressive, but the biggest gains from PMB Government are attitudinal. Let me list a few 1- A president travels and the system is still working- attitude of delegation, non controlling, allowing others to work 2- For the first time, a President and VP with no deals, stealing, buying farms, building luxury estates, bank accounts globally etc. No one can accuse them- Leadership by example. 3 - Buhari says things as they are. Not trying to present things as though theyve solved everything, Buhari has avoided media shows and circuses - no spin no lies, plain truth. This is a VERY UN Nigerian trait. Honesty and sincerity. 4- For the first time , a project is aimed to be finished on a particular date and it finishes on that date- Abuja airport runway- this is efficiency in service delivery- its an attitude. 5- Ministers are shinning- allowed to work- kachikwu, Adeosun, Fashola, etc. This is an attitude of great leadership. 6- Ministers threatened to resign if they failed. Sirika, Aviation minister of State did so over the Abuja airport runway. Kachikwu recently said he's resign if Nigerian is not fuel sufficient by 2019. This is an attitude of accountability and service. 7- Opposition Governors speak well of Mr President. Umahi, Ayade, Okowa are examples. This is an attitude of patriotism, above personal interest. 8- Careful consideration of issues before action- This is an attitude of excellence. Not undue bluster that leads to failed projects. 9- Humility and simplicity. This is the BIGGEST. God honours humble nations(Think China. thirty years ago they said "China must humble itself, it must never show its true strength, it must put its head down and grow." This became National value system. last week China launched the new silk route- $ 1 trillion in global investment- biggest ever in history, clearly taking over the economic mandate from America. Thats the product of national humility) Nigeria has lacked such humility. We boast, talk loudly like the little horn in the book of Daniel. God has taken away our national greatness because to whom much is given much is expected. Buhari has shown that a Nigerian can be quietly confident, yet not boastful. Speak things as they are, and not unduly give credit to a few while ignoring the plight of many. This is the GREATEST attitudinal change Nigeria needs. If Nigeria can say "lets humble ourselves, not show our strength, put our heads down and build- we will become a truly great nation in a decade or two.

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