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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Nigerian Passport Holders Don’t need Visas To Visit These 44 Countries!

from: 01 . 03 . 16

With this new Nigerian international passport, you can now visit 44 countries around the world visa free or visa on arrival.

The document, to be issued to deserving Nigerians ,will operate concurrently with the existing 32-page e-passport…

1. Bangladesh (Visa on arrival)

2. Barbados ( Visa free for 6 months)

3. Benin Republic (Visa free)

4. Burkina Faso ( Visa free)

5. Burundi ( Visa on arrival for 30days)

6. Cameroon ( Visa free)

7. Cape Verde ( Visa on arrival)

8. Chad ( Visa free)

9. Comoros Island ( Visa on arrival)

10. Cote d’ivoire ( Visa free )

11. Djibouti ( Visa on arrival )

12. Dominican ( Visa free for 21 days )

13. Fiji Island ( Visa free for 4 months)

14. Gambia ( Visa free for 90days )

15. Georgia ( Visa on arrival )

16. Ghana ( Visa free )

17. Guinea ( Visa free )

18. Guinea Bissau ( Visa free for 90 days )

19. Haiti ( Visa free for 90 days )

20. Iran ( Visa on arrival )

21. Kenya ( Visa on arrival for 90 days )

22. Liberia ( Visa free )

23. Madagascar ( Visa on arrival for 90 days )

24. Maldives ( Visa on arrival for 30 days )

25. Mali ( Visa free )

26. Mauritania ( Visa on arrival )

27. Mauritius ( Visa free for 90days )

28. Micronesia ( Visa free for 30 days )

29. Mozambique ( Visa on arrival for 30 days )

30. Nauru ( Visa on arrival )

31. Niger republic ( Visa free )

32. Palau ( Visa on arrival for 30 days )

33. Samoa ( Visa on arrival for 60 days )

34. Senegal ( Visa free )

35. Seychelles (Visa on arrival for 30 days )

36. Sierra Leone ( Visa free )

37. Somalia ( Visa on arrival )

38. Sri Lanka ( Electronic travel authorization )

39.Tanzania ( Visa on arrival )

40. Timor-Leste ( Visa on arrival for 30 days )

41. Togo ( Visa free )

42. Tuvalu ( Visa on arrival for 30 days )

43. Uganda ( Visa on arrival )

44. Vanuatu ( Visa free for 30 days )


42 Comments to “Nigerian Passport Holders Don’t need Visas To Visit These 44 Countries!”
pls am interested .but i will like to be cleared on d things i will do there. my name is onwuasoanya chinweuba jude. from Anambra state . am 30years old . ad honestly need work if i travel
No NAFDAC country
A step in the right direction It is said that "A four thousands miles journey starts with a step" By the time one visits these fortyfour (44) Countries one will be better educated. After I retired as Asst. Comptroller of Customs, I visited more than these Countries mentioned above before I finally settled in God's own Country USA.
Barbados is the only country I like in that list. Is a nice country... How can work I there? Need your help Pls.
Contact Mr kelvin 08172882335
Start by engaging in petty trading. You'll later get to know the country better.
No need to contact any body ,just google for procedures
Thank you. I don't know why some people look for the slightest chance to make money out of others.
Ndubuisi if u are not a Doctor or a nurse forget about the Caribbean
Need a visa to any country?!! Simple your visa can be ready in 14 days all you need do is contact Dr Ben on 08089188990 and all your travelling problems will become a myth. HURRY NOW AND GET A SWIFT VISA.
Nigerian are not welcomed anywhere but in all failed states.
please what type of document do i need before entering to this visa on arrival country because i have try many like Dominican and Mozambique but the ask me to go and get there visa first before i can come in to there country please when did this visa on arrival to most of the mention country started because i live and base in south africa so tell me what must i do now i need to travel to Barbados ,Fiji island Georgia before july ending from south Africa
You didn't mention that some of the ccountries requires transit visa.
Why is it that Nigeria don,t have free visa to any better country only yeye yeye countries they have free visa to why? Nigeria is 100% better than this your 44 free visa countries. what can a reasonable Nigeria do in this countries if not stealing by the men and prostitution by our woman? please don,t push people away to go and surfer..i have been in most of all this countries you mention here and i regretted why i make the move in the first place.
GOD bless you man...stupid policians that is what they are..what pains me most is that we dnt have free access to the country whose colonies (British) us. Better countries like west n east Europe,canada,south America etc are there. when those stipud so called politicans or leader travel to those part of the world you will see them smiling and humble..ITS HIGH TIME WE SHOULD WAKE UP FROM OUR SLUMBER...
Are you searching for visa agent? you have found the right place email: or call +2348165712011
Then I will give Maldives a try, after renewing my international passport.
Our problem in Nigeria is that we Nigerians don't say good things about ourselves. There are many Africa countries that are looking up to Nigeria in everything. They beg us for oil, gas and many of them named their major streets after one or other noble Nigerians or location. Ghana has 63 countries with visa free, I love Ghana and I am married to Ghanaian and I used to stay in that country , but I am boldly informing you that things are not just easy or better in Ghana than Nigeria. They depend on Nigeria for stuffs and they see Nigeria has their huge trade hub, but do you know why Ghanaians are not having much problem with other countries like us? The Ghanaians don't wash their dirty stuffs I'm public......... you won't see a Ghanaian coming online to destroy their country's image like how many of us do.Majority of Nigerian bloggers are not to rebrand Nigeria, they just derived joy in destroying Nigeria the more. What we Nigerians have today that we don't appreciate, some Africans are praying for it. Its time we should always promote the good side of us and you will see that others perspective will change towards us. By the way, why do we need "visa free" majority of us are not just honest and respect rules of law, look at what Nigerians are doing in Malaysia, Indonesia, Ghana and even in Republic of Benin. ....... we should we blame our government for our shameful conducts and lack of good morals? We need to change our own mindset and always think of what we can do to make Nigeria great. Nigerians are smart, hardworking, brilliant, sexy, handsome, go getters, brave, bold, fearless, courageous and prudent with little......but we lack the spirit of nationality and patrotism......... We should always appreciate little and God will add more to us........ I don't have problem using my green passport anywhere and most of my business partners always say " You don't look or act like Nigerians " Can you imagine that? They said my people are rough and not honest...... we have to change their mindset about us, we have to always do good and respect ourselves.
all this countries are out of it...what is so special about those countries? we were been colonies by British yet we dnt have free assess to travel there its too bad..look at Jamaica they travel to US any time they want.. there is nothing to appreciated here it all bulshit!!! politics is killing Nigeria.
You Nigerians are very funny if i may so,what exactly can you people be satisfied with? Now it's politics killing our country before now it was military killing our country if may ask you what exactly have you done to lift your country either by words of encouragement or words of advise to the government either in the local government,state government or federal level? Stop complaining try to contribute your own quota please.
Joel my friend grow up.....go and improve can't even articulate your views adequately with the right tenses.....
Thank you nailed it.
Thank you my brothers for all your comments, You see that our green passport, most countries in Asia don't respect that passport because of what our Nigerians are doing here, i have traveled so many countries in Asia i know how they treat us at their airports, Once you queue up before getting to immigration , you ask to step aside for questions, they don't care you are holding other countries resident permit as long as you are black man and holding green passport Nigeria for that matter!! if you are lucky they welcome you and you are unlucky they deny you entry without reason. We should continue to pray for our country and be patient, One day e go better.
Yes! Beautiful Nigeria... No 1 Be like Us!
Dat Good happy visiting
when you have an adventural spirit, anywhere you adventure you will survive!
How do i get dis kind of passport and how much does it cost?
atlest de re escape rout frm dis hell we re into
This is educative and reassuring, especially given the harassment of Nigeria n's by overzealous Beninios gendarmes. Just pray it's real and effective.
I can guarantee you dubai visa within one to two weeks, either tourist or working but I do it with money oooooo. That's just my own. You can contact me 2347069134335.
Proudly naija, I don't think it's necessary living my sweet and lovely country Nigeria. There is money in this country. Other people should come and invest here.
70% of those listed countries are West Africa countries & has been visa free for centuries, so nothing new & or big about them. 20% are unreachable and deplorable countries & the rest 10% will still throw u back with ur 9ja passport or accord u just 2 weeks instead of 30 àr 40 days. Above all, 9ja is better than 100% of them. Travel & see & know. The list has nothing to offer my dear people.
they're all Nigeria brothers. SUFFER HEAD COUNTRIES
My advice for all is you just have to travel and see what it's like, because many Nigerians believe that anybody abroad is in money i mean rich hmm try and see .You people back home are never satisfied when your brother or sister send you something without knowing how he or she got it and the funniest thing is you can give such to anyone.
You nailed it. I thought I was the only one who knew this. People are so greedy, and the most annoying thing is... some won't call to say hi or drop a text and when they randomly do, its to ask for money. I am so glad I put a stop it on time.. now I am free. I only when I have extra fund to dispose off.
Wow its a nive tin to get it and I will be so much happy if its can be so
Am wish to go but I will like to know more about what am going to do there because I need to travel please. Am Abayomi Bobby Sowole
Visa on Arrival doesn't mean you don't need a visa to visit the country. If you have to buy a visa on arrival, then its obvious that your travel requires a visa else you won't allowed in. In my opinion those countries should be deleted off this list (or write you can visit the Airport without visa). This info isn't very helpful.
I was once in Spain basilonia,with my green passport,when many Nigerians were involved in drugs,the police wanted to mess me up,l refused,one,l was carrying drugs,two l was on my way to hamburg,and Because of strike at Madrid airport by their workers,we went Madrid for the aircraft to be cleaned, then as we came down their police saw green passport and insisted to search me,in the process they aircraft handlers were searching for me because under international laws if they leave me there l will sue because l had nothing doing to carry me go to Madrid,when they got there, they shined the police and told them off,and said do you know how much they will pay for delaying the aircraft, they quickly apologized to me and carried my bag to board me. When l was coming inside the aircraft l raised my green passport so everybody could see it.l was not a criminal,so clear conscience fear no accusation.
We Nigerian should be proud of ourself no matter what others say about us. I like and l love my country Nigeria and my people. Upon what they do and say about us? We move around the world there is no countries in the world you will not find a Nigerian person. Am always proud be a Nigerian if you feel you are not ok with Nigeria as a country go and chose any country in the world. Either you like it or not Home is Home. God have blessed us as a nation is only our so call leaders and politicians who turn things in other way. I know one day God will come to our aids as a nation things will change, we should not not lose hope let us have faith in God. Is only God who turn things around. Let us change our mindset and tell other nations we are good people. God bless my country Nigeria.

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