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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

5 Prominent Atheists Who Set Out To Disprove Christianity, But Ended Up Becoming Christians.

from: 02 . 01 . 18

Here are 5 examples of respected skeptics who set out to disprove Christianity, yet through their research actually became Christians.

1. Sir William Mitchell Ramsay

He was a highly respected archaeologist (so much so that he was knighted) from Scotland. He set out to prove the historical inaccuracies of the book of Acts. Ramsay thought this book was the most ridiculous of all the New Testament. 15 years he spent researching and digging, only to end up being convinced of the incredible accuracy of the book, converted to Christianity, and called Luke (who wrote Acts) one of the greatest historians to ever live. His has written several books on the subject, which have yet to be refuted. His work caused an outcry from atheists because they had been eagerly awaiting his results in disproving the validity of the book.

2. Frank Morrison

He was an English journalist and author who set out to disprove the myth of Christianity over 80 years ago. His book “Who moved the stone?” is a classic and has led many people to Christ.

3. Lee Strobel

Hewas a journalist for the Chicago Tribune who set out to disprove Christianity, but ended up becoming a Christian and created the famous “Case for…” series. In April, the new documentary was released that focused on the life of Strobel, a former atheist journalist whose quest to disprove biblical accounts of the resurrection after his wife became a Christian actually led him to Christ.

4. Josh McDowell

He set out to write a paper in college to expose Christianity as a myth, but ended up being so convinced that he became a Christian himself and wrote the influential book “Evidence that Demands a Verdict”. He is also an Evangelist.

5. Andre Kole

He was a giant in the world of magic, creating tricks for the greatest magicians in the world including making the statue of liberty disappear for David Copperfield. He was commissioned to study the miracles of the bible to expose them as magic tricks and thus disprove its legitimacy. Through this investigation, Andre Kole became a Christian and has since dedicated himself to spreading the Gospel via the art of magic, performing in more countries than any other magician in history.


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