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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

5 Ways Christians Can Be Change Agents In Our World Today.

from: 23 . 08 . 16

There are lots of huge issues that affect our world that need tackling. The devastatingly unequal distribution of wealth and the frequency and brutality of conflicts and violence are just two such issues.

Not all of us will be in a position to contribute in eradicating these problems and be a force for good on a global scale. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference in our part of the world–and a big one at that.

Changing our world – even if we’re just referring to the local community that we’re a part of – can be a daunting prospect. However, it is possible. Here are five things you and I need to do.

1. Let’s stop underestimating our skills, talents and strength

One of the first steps that we need to take in order to be in a position to affect change in our world is to stop downplaying our skills and talents. God gave them to us for a reason – to use them.

God doesn’t just want to use our talents and strength to do an undertaking all on our own. He’s there to empower us along the way too. Even when you don’t feel strong, remember just how powerful He is.

2. Start small

Have you ever noticed how the position of a plant in a room can determine whether it thrives or dies? A move to the window sill nearer to sunlight makes the plant grow. Conversely, a move away from direct sunlight and it struggles to survive. Small changes can have big impacts.

Just like the little changes made to foster the growth of a plant, our grassroot projects can also lead to great positive changes in our world. Issues that may seem small to some people often become incredibly important to other people directly affected by them.

So, whether it’s a campaign to create safer roads in our area or a project to befriend elderly residents on our street, we can make a big difference in our world.

3. Maintain a focus on Christ’s example and God’s call

Sometimes when a project we’re apart of is successful, it can make us the centre of a lot of attention. But it’s important to remember that being a force for good in our world isn’t about making a name for ourselves, but making sure that Christ’s name is known.

We sometimes find ourselves the focus of attention by regularly referring to Christ’s teachings and the way we’re called to live as God’s children. We can continue to affect change this way without letting it negatively change us.

4. Don’t use the experience excuse

While we all have our own particular strengths, we’ll always be lacking in experience if we’re trying to do something that has never been done before.

Even though we don’t know why we are here, God puts us in particular situations for a reason. And we can’t let a lack of experience hold us back because if we do, we’ll never break the cycle. Of course, there are instances where we’ll need to accept the input of those with more experience than us, and that brings us on to the final point…

5. Be ready to heed others’ advice and God’s guidance

Finding a solution to a problem can be overwhelming, especially if you’re one of the people tasked with providing the solution.

Actively working to be a force for good means that we’ll inevitably encounter challenges along the way, and it’s more than OK to need help. We should not think that we have failed if we accept assistance from our peers or appeal to God. In fact, both of these things are vital if we’re to succeed.


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