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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

6 Rwandan Pastors Arrested and 700 Churches Closed For Noise Pollution!

from: 08 . 03 . 18

Rwandan police have reportedly arrested 6 pastors accused of holding secret meetings to plan a revolt against church closures. Among the arrested men of God is Bishop Innocent Rugagi, one of Rwanda’s most famous pastors.

The bishop is accused of criticizing the “abrupt” decision to close churches without sufficient warning.

The Rwandan government has recently closed 700 churches for noise pollution. According to the authorities, these churches also lacked basic infrastructure.

Rwandan police spokesman Theos Badege told AFP on Tuesday that the six preachers had held illegal meetings with bad intentions.

“After the closure of the churches that did not meet the required standards, some church leaders started organizing illegal meetings to challenge and obstruct this decision.”

“The police have started investigations to find the brains behind these illegal meetings,” he added.

These arrests occur after President Paul Kagame publicly criticized the proliferation of churches in the country. He said they represent security risks.

The country is preparing a new law concerning churches. If adopted, all preachers will have to undergo theological training before opening a church.


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