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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Meet Nakku Justine, A 25 Year Old Multi-Millionaire Farmer That Gets Things Done Herself!

from: 31 . 01 . 16

Africa as a continent suffers from a very high level of unemployment. Notwithstanding Nakku has taken responsibility for herself in her home country of Kenya, by creating a job that many look down on and she has become very successful at it.

Nakku Justine has become something of a viral sensation after she appeared on Nigerian news site The 25-year-old operates her own lucrative 6 acre farm in Kenya producing dairy, cabbage, cereals, carrots and poultry.

Images of Justine working the land were swiftly shared on social media, with many marveling at the sight of a young, black woman in a field that skews older and male


Nakku is making the world see that there is a future in Africa’s agriculture. She is also inspiring the young generation to get creative by becoming self employed. Nigeria and most African countries  have been blessed with a very fertile land and almost anyone can get enough land to start farming and supplying the products to those who cannot afford to buy the foreign products.

Nakku in her huge Farm

Ben Murray-Bruce, a Nigerian business mogul, common sense advocate and senator has recently come out to say that Nigeria needs to go back to how it generated its funds before the oil boom, which was through agriculture. He specifically highlighted the fact that local farmers are suffering, because they do not get the patronage they need to thrive. He cited the example of Nigeria spending a billion naira every day to import rice and 2 billion dollars annually while the country has people that can produce rice.
Ben Bruce called on the Nigerian government to ban the importation of dairy products, rice, wheat and other food products that can be home grown. We must eat what we grow were his words.

If the government of Nigeria and other African countries listen To the advice of Sen. Ben and more of our African youth agree to take the initiative, we will have many like Nakku in the near future – young, creative, hardworking, confident, rich and responsible enterprenuers. If a young woman from Kenya can do this, the young people of Africa have been challenged to follow suit instead of sitting idle waiting for an office job.

In America, despite blacks’ historical relationship with agriculture they have been largely shut out of the farming industry due in part to the denial of USDA loans. African Americans currently account for just 2% of the nation’s farmers — a number that has declined from 14% in 1920. We are hoping we see more young, black people working the land.


9 Comments to “Meet Nakku Justine, A 25 Year Old Multi-Millionaire Farmer That Gets Things Done Herself!”
this is great and encouraging,what part of Nigeria is Nakku's farm?
Goodmorning am chux Johnson I work with richmount media and we have dis project going on now and it call 100 most out standing entrepreneurs in Nigeria a d all we do is let dis great people share their story... Through an interview session....we will love to reach her please...can you help us thanks!
Hello Chux, The lady is not from Nigeria, she is from East Africa. Have a nice day. Blessings!
thanks for challenging
What a wonderful example of an Agricultural Entrepreneur. If only our young people could be made to face the land and invest their energy into agriculture... Yes! We could have a changed and green world with peace and quietness. May God hear our prayers for a change of attitudes among us in JESUS NAME.
I like Justine's courage and resilience, which young people should emulate. I'm putting up an agricultural training centre for young people though still struggling with financial resources to raise it to acceptable standards.
She's an inspiration! And our organization would love to meet her. We have been running in East Africa for 9 years and currently feed 9500 orphans a week, and have planted almost 80 churches. Currently I am investing much time and energy into inspiring the youth to the great potentials of agriculture, and Agri business. My next trip back to Kenya/ Rwanada/DRC will be early September. We would love to have contact with this young farmer, and any others like her, and see her story and inspiration spread all through the nations we work in.
some of us we have now opened our brains and thank u for inspiring us

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