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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 22 . 02 . 16


As a pastor, there are so many demands on my time. As I was going about my daily routine today, a gentleman who was with me asked a question about why I don’t do much conference speaking anymore. My answer made him even more inquisitive. I told him that life is too short to spend it anyhow.

What could be wrong with speaking to tens of thousands of people at the same time? Well there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this. But as for me, I need to weigh my options. I am either doing that or I am strategically and methodically preparing leaders in a more result oriented setting. The lessons that came out of the conversation are what I wish to share with my readers this week. So this week I am going to be talking about how you can live your life, not wasting it on the minor things of life, but rather investing it in the best possible way.

Life is spent by different people in different ways. My concern this week is to help people find out how they can best live their lives to hit the mark almost every time. How can we live our lives in such a way that we are sure we are being productive, effective and satisfied in every sphere of life? Not too many people know how life should be best utilized. This is a millennial dilemma, that has troubled the souls of men for many, many generations. How do we best use life? How can we best spend our time on earth? How can we live in such a way that we are certain that we have derived the maximum out of life?

How can we possibly live a life of maximum impact? What are the decisions that must be taken every time to ascertain that we are getting the best all the time? What are the steps you must take to step in the right places? How can you live to avoid all the numerous minefields of life? How can we live in a way that would not leave us feeling regret after so many years on earth? How can we look back in old age at our lives and grin with satisfaction? How do we live such a life? What are the steps to take?

There are three basic things you can do with your life. The most common thing people do with their lives is to waste it. They waste life by wasting time. They waste life by jesting and joking away their time. Some waste away their lives by drinking, partying or by simply having fun and living for pleasure. That is probably the dream of many people today. If you go to anybody and ask them, what is your dream life? They would say I want to sit by the TV all day. I want to play with my friends all day and they think that is the best way to spend their lives. They do not know that what they have just listed is not living life but wasting life.

The second thing you can do with your life is – spend life. Many people are engaged in this activity. We do everything we can to make sure we spend our lives. As a matter of fact, people erroneously think that life is about spending it. They think they are here to spend life. Some call it enjoying life. Most people who spend their lives are dreaming of having a summer house somewhere in the suburbs of their city where they can lie in the hot sun all day long, drinking coffee and juice. They think they are enjoying life, but really they are just spending life.

To be continued tomorrow with the following points:

  • Are you spending and enjoying life?
  • The third and best way you can you live your life.

By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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