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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 13 . 03 . 16


In most countries of the world, people only care about the economy as it affects their pockets. Not too many individuals carry the burden to actually step out and address the economic challenges of their nation. If you see your country going through economic problems, the best thing to do is to come up with a strategy, plan and vision of how to generally affect the whole economy of the nation, rather than simply fixing your own individual economic problem.

With this kind of attitude, it is easy to bring a lasting solution to the economic woes of a nation because the individuals who are not happy with the economy of the country, respond by contributing to it. That constructive attitude to life would definitely enhance the economic development of any nation. If you are frustrated with the elite of your society, do something about it, start an educational program for them, organize seminars, symposiums and colloquiums. Let them see what they have not seen before now, show them how and when they could be relevant to the growth and development of their nation.

If you think the political parties of your nation are a disappointment, it’s not a big deal, simply do something about it. Don’t just vent your emotions and feelings without proffering a solution. Come up with a program for political parties, bring insight, understanding and wisdom to them. Share the opinion of the society in regards to their actions. Everything can be fixed in our society, simply by converting our frustrations into constructive contributions.

If you notice drunkards and you feel frustrated about them, it could be a pointer that God wants you to fix them. Some other people might not even notice these drunkards even though they pass by them every day in the streets of their city, still they don’t see them. Whereas you don’t only see them, but you are concerned about them, you’re troubled by their state. That means God is trying to get your attention and show you that you are needed here. Don’t wait for somebody to come and fix it, fix it by yourself. Start a rehabilitation center for the drug and alcohol addicts. Set up a system of advertisement. Teach them until they become leaders, then send them back for a victorious harvest in the society. When everybody contributes a change to what he or she notices, especially what we are frustrated about, that is how we change our world

  • Are you insulted by the ungodliness of your nation?
  • Are you insulted by the inequalities of your land?
  • Are you concerned by the assault of evil in your country?
  • Do you ever notice lives that are been destroyed by drugs and drug pushers?
  • Does corruption bother you?
  • Where is your holy anger about the happening around you?
  • What is your frustration provoking, fear or faith?
  • Are you the modern David of your nation who was so insulted by the challenge of Goliath, that he became the long awaited deliverer of his country?
  • Is your destiny hidden in your frustrations?
  • Do you possess a holy anger like Moses?
  • Would you prove to be a man of faith like Gideon?
  • Do you have the stones that would slay the Goliaths of your land?

The challenge is yours to take!!!

Thank you for joining us on this highly informative and life transforming series.  We would be starting another amazing one tomorrow. Please don’t miss it!


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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