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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 16 . 03 . 16


…History has come to prove Him right because if you don’t build your industry on the principles of love, that industry will turn into a gas killing machine as Hitler discovered. If you want to govern a nation and you neglect love, we know the futilities of that kind of endeavor, for example segregation in America and Apartheid in South Africa. Is it money you want to make? Without love? Well many have tried it and have discovered only emptiness and some have even committed suicide and ended their lives without purpose. Again friends, history has come to prove Him right.

What about trying to build an empire without love, the most enduring of all empires, which was supposed to be built to last forever, sooner or later discovered the senselessness of such a grand dream. After 900 years of existence, the Roman Empire self-imploded.

Not too many people these days would try to dispute with His concept of love. Too many examples abound to convince anyone who would try to argue, that the new law that this self-proclaimed Son of God brought to earth is now the new order of the day. The world must now run by this order of love. Whether men like it or not, the rules of the game have changed, love is now the order of the day because love is God’s order in heaven. For God Himself is love. The earth does not have much option than to succumb.


Is it not about time ladies and gentlemen, for us to give a more thorough examination into why the greatest of all commandments has to be love? If military forces have to give way, are you still having a second thought? If kingdoms and empires are now history, what do you think your end will be if you don’t consider love? According to the Master, the world is made to function by love. Love is the gas that our vehicles run on. Love is the oiling in our engines. It is the motor of our vehicles. When we live by love, things work out well and fine. When we live and act against the principles of love, we hurt and suffer. Life becomes painful. Life becomes unbearable. Life turns into a torturous experience. Because friends, we were made to love.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me now take you to the crux of our message today. Is love a possibility for an ordinary mortal like you and me? Can Christ’s commandment be truly obeyed? Can we individually love our neighbors as ourselves? Is it still practical in our cyber world today to love our neighbor? Or is it old fashioned?

The question most people often ask is, we all see the importance of love but how do I practically do that. How do I practically love people? What if I don’t know them? How do I love people I don’t know? How do I practically love them if I am not sure how I will be recompensed? What are the practical things I could do to make someone feel that I love them? To these questions and more, I wish to give an exposition in this series…

To be continued tomorrow with the Following points:

  • The first Practical step to loving and understanding people.
  • A fundamental need and desire in the heart of all men


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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