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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

A Voice Spoke To Me And Said, “At Least, Give Him A Hearing…”

from: 11 . 06 . 19

Hello DSA,

You have brought tears to my eyes.

You have brought hope to a people that sat in the dust and darkness.

A people beaten and trodden upon for centuries.

A people who sat by the rivers of Babylon in slavery under Uncle Sam.

A people without dreams.

You have brought the black man hope.

Where do I even start from DSA??

I had heard about you some years back on the great things God was doing with a black man in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, in the midst of communist nations. But, I never really followed your ministry.

Sometime last year, I encountered you on YouTube, a video where you were speaking against the practices of some Men of God in Nigeria. In fact, I wasn’t enthused at all because I followed and was excited about these men of God. This really put me off, and I then concluded like any everyone else that you probably wanted to start a church in Nigeria and was lambasting them to draw members to your side (DSA, How wrong I was!!!).

I even discussed it with a couple of my ministry friends here in Ghana and they thought the same too.. (Probably DSA, has lost it!!)

I never watched your videos again until two months ago when a voice spoke to me and said, “At least, give him a hearing and listen to what he has to say”.

I did and I got the shock of my life..OMG!!.

You spoke on Nigeria and what the church is supposed to be doing that they are not doing. You spoke on how Nigeria can overtake the American economy. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I saw the titles of some of your books. I was so elated. I wrote some of the titles down and was so hungry and desiring to devour your books. I heard you talk of technology, politics and economics. I couldn’t hide my joy.

My love for you knew no bounds. What a turnaround it was. I listened to how God busted your theology on how you started your church. I was so excited in my spirit. How wrong we all are and the things hidden in our hearts on why we want to start churches. Selfishness.

Most men of God are building their empires…From then I have been following you quietly here in Ghana. HMT.. OMG is the peak of all.

The question then is why the turn around? I am the pastor of a church in Ghana and pastored one of the branches. For some time now, from the beginning of 2018, the Lord started teaching me and giving me a passion for Africa and why the church should be involved in technology, politics and economics and change our continent.

I grew tired of this pastoring church thing and this way of the church. I started teaching some of my members on these things. They were so amazed. We watched videos on how China’s rise and that of the US. I told them Africa can also make it and it is time. The Lord is leading me to write a book called “Building Jerusalem in Africa”.

DSA, when I heard you talk on Africa and Nigeria, I was so excited and even shed tears. I knew the Lord was up to something. I saw a rising move of God in Africa.

Actually I left pastoring the church two weeks ago because I felt God was leading me another way. My members were so sad I left because of the teaching I started giving them, including teachings on love and unity in the body, how the church has missed her purpose, and how the church isn’t a physical temple but the people themselves are. And the fact that the church could meet anywhere and stop this ritual of church going-: because two or three can gather and talk about the Lord and that is church.

My members were so shocked and grew fond of the teachings. Lo and behold you started a live broadcast on the church series. I couldn’t believe my eyes. DSA is teaching basically the things I was teaching. I knew the Lord was doing something new. And am glad the Lord taught me by himself, and what a joy to hear you around the same period saying the same things. My love for you grew. I started downloading your videos especially the HMT. I am even going to solitude soon to devour them.

I want to buy all your books. I seem not to know which one to buy first because all titles are so captivating. By 2020, I want to start a group that will revolutionise Ghana and Africa because the Lord has laid this burden on my heart. There’s mighty move of God coming. The Joshua generation is about to take Africa to the promise land and build Jerusalem therein. I pray you get to Nigeria soon hopefully to shake it as we also shake Ghana. A revolution has started.

DSA, am so amazed at your depth of wisdom in God. My love for you abounds. I just pray I see your face soon one of these days. I will be so glad You are simply amazing!! My love I leave with you and your family.


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