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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

“Africans Have Been Reading The Wrong Books, But These Books Are A Solution To The World’s Problems.” – Evans Lukomona

from: 26 . 01 . 18
Hello friends and fans,
This is a letter that was written to me by one of my African listeners living in Germany. Please read and share this piece. I believe it ill go a long way to help inform our people of the coming African revolution and how they can be part of it.
Pst. Sunday.
Dear DSA,
I greet you in the love of Jesus Christ who died because of our sins.
I have been a keen follower of your live broadcasts and written books, documents, etc. Surely you have affected me, both spiritual and real life on this earth. I have been busy making summaries and sharing them accross Zambians and other friends and relatives accross the world. In my life I have always loved sharing the cream of my discoveries. And you just cemented that cake with the real and the best cream DSA.
I have got some points I would like people to know, and I would be the happiest if you could find some time to share out these lines to the followers and listeners.
Africans Do Not Read Books
Throughout the live broadcasts many people have tabled up this issue as to why our continent is and has been destroyed, especially economically. Citing the lack of Knowledge which comes from reading various texts or books.
My opinion is that millions of Africans have read, have been reading books, and been exposed to the highest universities in the world, with full exposure to the greatness of the developed nations. But still when they return home they either try to make a meaningful impact which is blocked by the in-government politicians, or they, too take advantage of their great exposure to joining the thieving politicians….
I have been told of a great scientist from Cameroun who had obtained a PhD in Canada. Worked there for many years in top ranking positions. He later gave up his job and decided to return and develop his country…He went to his village to put up electricity throughout the area. The governemnt locked him up! Until now the guy is regrating behand bars. Over 10 years in prison now…!!.
Another Professor Chirwa of Zambia, based in the UK – came back to develop Zambia (as he has been very instrumental in developing England in the engineering sector). He decided to return home to help develop Zambia….The sitting ministers destroyed the guy! He had to run back to UK…!!

If these politicians had created an equal and enabling playing field, Africa would never be the same as it is, DSA.
The Right Books
DSA, I am not writing this to appease you. But this is real. We have all read the wrong books, that even made us to misinterpret  or misunderstand the bible: Hence falling in the hands of these false prophets in the quest of attaining success on this earth…..
The books most people have read are either institutional ones leading to some certification to get a job….Probably coupled up with some success-tailored-books written by non-believers with NO SINGLE QUOTE from the bible…..And probably through such books, still luck could not come through to attain the expected success levels. Hence finding oneself in the hands of these false pastors and prophets for life solutions…Eventually finding oneself worshipping the ‘man of God’.
DSA, your books are a solution to the world’s problems: Spiritually, physically, emotionally, sentimentally, businesswise, etc. Every book that I have either read or analysed is a complete package!! How wonderful Africa and the entire world would be if all Christians and others read your marterials!
ONLY if we had much, much earlier followed your doctrine and read most of your books, today’s Christianity would be in the best position, and Africa would have been saved and been in a sound position to compete with the developed western nations.
There is no text I have come accross from you where you have insisted on ”give my church and be blessed”. To the contrally, you have talked much about self empowerment  and helping and uplifting the poor. Even using our living bible scriptures to attain even the earthly success.
Only if all these negative callers knew what lies in your head, your marterials, and the great works you have done (and you keep doing) on this earth, they would repent and apologize  to God and to you as the true preacher and writer….
Personally, I like the offer to anybody to take up your books for redistribution at give away prices. This is the only way the lost will get to knowing the truth..
Your doctrine and books will let people realise where they belong to in Christ, in their business, professional and any endevour of life! With your books at our backs of the minds we would never have PhD holders doing mini-jobs like one of the callers from Canada. As a God follower or fearing person with high university or college qualification one need not belong to mini jobs. But serve as a great example to young and upcoming Christians.  All this is lack of reading the RIGHT BOOKS, and from you DSA that can change a person’s mindset to realising that hidded greatness both spiritually and in your area of expatise and qualification…Besides, the bible tells me that ‘we are the head and not the tail’..
Naturally, we Aficans are hard working. This is what has killed our dreams in my summary:
*depending on our jobs.
*following the bible wrongly (spear headed by wrong pastors and prophets, who themsleves know the truth..But hide it from the masses so as to dupe them).
*Lack of a good platform to expose our knowledge gathered from developed countries….Ofcoure there are exceptions in Africa, such as Namibia, Botswana, Ruanda where the platform is well laid down for anybody to contribute and help in developmental aspects.
*reading wrong books that are spiritual but lack the backbone lines that should empower us…..
Hence, my insisting that DSA you are the solution to the African problems.

My main prayer to God for you is that He gives you much more greater wisdom (as HE always done) to choose who should be with you ernestly and dearly in changing Nigeria and Africa. People with an equal HEART as you…NOT just passion. BUT A HEART which carries the real love of God.
A German Man Confimed DSA Years Ago!
I am only 10 years here in Germany…Sometime in 2014 far before I started following you keenly….I did introduce one of your followers in my African church in Germany…All the members together with my pastor were amazed that I was connected to a person who brushed showders with you, Tatiana…Later one lady from Zimbabwe told me how a German man had recorded your preaching when you had visited Germany, and he took it to a German church’s  home-cell and played your preaching…..That was a great evening according to Ann Grace of Zimbabwe based in Hamburg….Many years later I came to Germany and just last year this German man was at my house. We started discussing fake Nigerian pastors. My sister put all pastors in one basket….But this German man, Dr Lars Volkmann, who happens to be her husband, deeply defended you DSA!….I quote his words: …“People could condemn Nigerian pastors, but I do not think Pastor Adelaja could be part of them. The way I saw him and the way he preached to us when he came to Germany, he was just too humble and real a person who meant his words..He spoke and preached with real passion…I would be very surprised if he could be like other Nigerian and fake pastors”…
Personally, I know Germans. They are too proud a people to just come out in the open like that. But for Dr Volkmann to say this openly, he meant something in you DSA which I have come to believe, too.
DSA in Me As an Evangelist
DSA, for many years I have procrastinated to answer God”s call in my life: To spread his word to the masses….I heard his word. But I hesitated to jump into this ministry…”Where will I start from since am not a bible scholar?”…Was my question for a couple of years….But not knowing that the solution was just at hand, and in you DSA….What am saying? This year I have decided without your permission to preach and evangelise God’s word USING YOUR WORD through the recorded marterials on YouTube….Just as simple as that. You have given me the complete messages….I decided not just to enjoy your messages alone, but to play and share them before the masses especially in my country Zambia…
My Appeal To All Listeners
Take your time to listen and read DSA”s books. Follow his preaching. Your life will never be the same…I just started following DSA deeply a number of countable months ago, and my spiritual and business life here in Germany has tremendously changed for the better. His YouTube videos and books are a complete way of your life and that of your family. They will make you redefine who God is and has been in your life. Follow DSA, and let God be happy with your life again.
God bless you DSA and your team!
In God’s love!
Evans Lukomona
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