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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

“My own concern is that God is in agreement with what I am doing. I believe that it doesn’t matter how many people disagree”

from: 22 . 10 . 18

Hello Friends,

I recently had an interview with a Nigerian news outlet where some interesting questions were asked. I am sharing the questions and answers with you because I believe they will help enlighten and explain some misconceptions people have about me and what I am about. Please read, and share this piece so that others can also benefit from it.

Pst. Sunday Adelaja
For The Love Of God, Church and Nation


Question 16:

I had interview with Apostle Alfred Williams of the Christ Faith Tabernacle based in UK who expressed displeasure at your style saying something like commissioning you to ministry. How will you react to this Sir?

You know, one thing that our African people like to do is to take glory when the glory doesn’t belong to them.

Before I started talking this way and correcting the errors in the Nigerian church, all these so called pastors, bishops and G.Os of Nigeria and Nigerian descent used me as their doyen.

They used to call me the bright star of Nigerian Christianity. They used me as the Cinderella of the Nigerian church. They all wanted to associate with me one way or the other.

If there was any one of them that was lucky enough to come across me before I became big, they claim that they commissioned me or raised me up or are my mentor or my father. So if Alfred Williams is saying he is the one that commissioned me to ministry, go and listen to Bishop Wale Oke, he will say the same thing, Pastor Kumuyi might say almost the same thing as well. All of them want to take glory for where they didn’t sow.

I have never been a church member in my life. The only church I attended growing up was the Anglican church. I got saved by my sister Laide Adelaja who was in college in Abeokuta, who came back home one day and preached to me.

That was my first encounter with the gospel. But I committed my life totally when I heard pastor Kumuyi say the same thing over the television.

I never met him then, but only heard him preach over the television. I was attending the deeper life church for only six months before I left the country. But they didn’t even allow me to become a member, because I was without a shoe. I only had a pair of slippers. They told me that they could not accept me because I didn’t have a shoe. But I thank God for that because if I had become a member there, they would have laid a claim to me.

I left Nigeria to arrive Russia where there was no church. However, I have mentioned the names of ministers who had been a blessing to me either through their books or their meetings.

What Apostle Alfred Williams might be talking about is the case when I was finishing my masters in Russia, we the student body invited Bishop Wale Oke to preach to our student fellowship in the university. So, he came and brought some people with him, one of whom was Alfred Williams who was in the U.K.

Bishop Wale Oke was the main speaker while Alfred Williams was taking some of the other sessions. If he says he commissioned me into ministry, maybe what he means is that I attended that meeting as one of the leaders of the student body and I was also interpreting for them while they ministered. Maybe the fact that after the message he prayed for the whole church which I was part of is what he claims to be commissioning. Well, if that is the case, so be it. But I didn’t have any relationship with him one-on-one until about 20 years later when I invited him to speak at my church which was already the largest church in Europe with 25,000 people.

The fact that he disagrees with my style isn’t a big deal. You can ask people in England and I am sure there are more than a few who disagree with his own style too.  Yes of course, he has the right to disagree with my style just as a lot of people disagree with his own style in the UK.

We are living in a free world, anybody can agree or disagree with what I am doing but as far as I am standing on the ground of truth, I am comforted. My own concern is that God is in agreement with what I am doing. I believe that it doesn’t matter how many people disagree with what I am doing as long God agrees with it.

As far as I am concerned, I would prefer the whole world disagrees with me and God agrees with me than to have the whole world agree with me and God be against me.


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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