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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

If Atiku is innocent of the charges of corruption in America, why doesn’t he go and clear his name instead of running away? – A Must Read

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I have just read part of the report, especially Pgs 233 – 242. I feel ashamed as a Nigerian that such a report is available in the public domain, yet Mr Atiku is moving about wanting to be President of a sovereign country.

Visit It is a US homeland security website, if you type Mr Abubakar Atiku you will see all you need to know about the money laundering and bribery indictment on Atiku. It is a US govt website.

I have come to the conclusion that anybody who promotes this candidature is either unaware of these facts, or has a vested interest. These expose is only for truth lovers, who might have been innocently deceived or cajoled into supporting his candidacy.

A good example of this is former President Olusegun Obasanjo who had earlier said this about Atiku, but is now supporting him

«The Money Atiku Abubakar Stole when He was My Vice is Enough to Feed 300 Million People for 400 Years. » – Olusegun Obasanjo! (My watch page 31)

But to those who know this information and are still campaigning for Atiku Abubakar, I might have to agree with one of my FB friends who wrote:

“I have come to the conclusion that anybody who promotes his candidature should be mentally examined. Such must be locked up in a sanitarium. It is a real SHAME. I now understand better why they want to get rid of Buhari.”

I personally feel that these words are too strong, especially since we are living in a free world. Yet it is strange that a suspected fugitive who will not go to defend himself with all the money he has is walking free and still wants to be a country’s President.

I like no other know what it means to be falsely accused and to fight to clear your name. I came back to Ukraine from the U.K where I was when I heard of the accusation against me. I’ve stayed behind since for 10 years now fighting to clear my name before embarking on my next mission to Nigeria.

I can’t understand why Mr. Atiku will not go to America to defend himself if he truly knows that he didn’t steal the money of the Nigerian people. If he knows he is guilty, or has repented as some Nigerians claim, then let him return all he stole. He needs to give account of his stewardship before Nigerians, and repent not only before Obasanjo but before all Nigerians.

Then Nigerians can consider if they will forgive him or not. Meanwhile, this is an unbelievable impunity to be running away from justice in one part of the world then hiding behind politics in another. This man and similar fugitives like himself are making Nigeria and Nigerians a laughingstock before the world. The only reason for this is that they know our people don’t research, don’t think and don’t analyze facts and events.

We must stop Atiku now before he and his co cabals milk the whole nation of Nigeria completely dry. If he could steal as much money as the Americans are accusing him of while he was only the second citizen of the nation. You can only imagine what will happen to our national treasures if such an individual becomes the President of the nation.

Abubakar Case History. From 2000 to 2008, Jennifer Douglas, a U.S. citizen and the fourth wife of Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President and former candidate for President of Nigeria, helped her husband bring over $40 million in suspect funds into the United States through wire transfers sent by offshore corporations to U.S. bank accounts. In a 2008 civil complaint, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission alleged that Ms. Douglas received over $2 million in bribe payments in 2001 and 2002, from Siemens AG, a major German corporation.

Atiku Abubakar and his fourth wife Jennifer Douglas-Abubakar both named in the corruption allegations

While Ms. Douglas denies wrongdoing, Siemens has already pled guilty to U.S. criminal charges and settled civil charges related to bribery and told the Subcommittee that it sent the payments to one of her U.S. accounts.

In 2007, Mr. Abubakar was the subject of corruption allegations in Nigeria related to the Petroleum Technology Development Fund. Of the $40 million in suspect funds, $25 million was wire transferred by offshore corporations into more than 30 U.S. bank accounts opened by Ms. Douglas, primarily by Guernsey Trust Company Nigeria Ltd., LetsGo Ltd. Inc., and Sima Holding Ltd. The U.S. banks maintaining those accounts were, at times, unaware of her PEP status, and they allowed multiple, large offshore wire transfers into her accounts.

As each bank began to question the offshore wire transfers, Ms. Douglas indicated that all of the funds came from her husband and professed little familiarity with the offshore corporations actually sending her money. When one bank closed her account due to the offshore wire transfers, her lawyer helped convince other banks to provide a new account.

In addition, two of the offshore corporations wire transferred about $14 million over five years to American University in Washington, D.C., to pay for consulting services related to the development of a Nigerian university founded by Mr. Abubakar. American University accepted the wire transfers without asking about the identity of the offshore corporations or the source of their funds because, under current law, the University had no legal obligation to inquire.

Dr. Sunday Adelaja


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