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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Beautiful People Are Being Made Daily, This Is How Church Is Meant To Be!

from: 05 . 08 . 19

Dear Pastor, I wish to express my gratitude for this HMT. Thank you so much for being such a gift to the body of Christ. You are indeed a blessing to all generations. The impact of what you have done will outlive you. May God continue to bless you and your family. May he guide and protect you from all evil.

As I followed through the HMT, I learnt another dimension to what the kingdom is all about. I also realized how you have made so much impact in the lives of people around the world. My family and I were watching HMT on SYSTEM OF RAISING PEOPLE FROM THE STREETS TO NATIONAL LEADERS. PART 1 – We just could not contain ourselves.

We saw how the church pay for people’s medical bills who needed treatment when brought to the Quarantine Centres. We were amazed by the love of the Christians in the Rehabilitation Centres, and the risk they are exposed to. Whooaaah!!! Just so much to talk about.

To think of the depth, you have and the systems you put in place to make this happen is mind-blowing. We have seen how you and church not just only want to change people but put your lives on the line for them. Addicts, prostitutes, homeless, downcast, destitute, drunkards, alcoholics, etc have been saved by the love of God through you.

I can clearly say that truly you know how to transform a nation. Beautiful people are being made daily in your churches and the systems you put in place in Ukraine and the world. Oh, what amazing grace! What amazing work being done. This is how church is supposed to be.

As I watch these presentations, I can conclude that not only in Nigeria is Christianity is not practiced right but to the rest of the world. We the Church have left our first love for the world, and we have pursued comfort and convenience. Very few churches are actively involved in life transformation programs for their cities, states, and nation. And even if they do, it is not as holistic as what you have going on in Ukraine. I applaud you and the God Embassy Church.

Now I see why God spoke to you to take this work to Nigeria. I now see the reason God trained you the way He did. Please don’t ever doubt yourself or your calling. Neither do you have to worry about your critics. They really don’t know you, are jealous, ignorant and mostly lost.

Thank you so much and God’s blessing.

Click HERE to watch the HMT the writer is talking about.


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