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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

British Prime Minster Expresses Her Delight To Meet Nigerian Fashion Designer Who Dressed Her

from: 04 . 09 . 18

It’s no news that British PM, Theresa May started her African trip, touching down first in South Africa before moving to the west African nation of Nigeria. During her visit to the largest black nation in the world, she presented with a custom made local jacket by one of Nigeria’s leading fashion designers, Emmy Kasbit. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, couldn’t hide her joy as she expressed her delight at meeting the man who designed the jacket that she wore on her visit to Nigeria.

May paid an official visit to Nigeria last Wednesday.

Okoro, started his brand, Emmy Kasbit in 2013. He emerged as one of the top 5 finalists for Lagos Fashion & Design Week Fashion Focus 2017 and he has been showing his collections at the LFDW.

May shared a photo of meeting Emmanuel Okoro, the founder of Emmy Kasbit on her Instagram page. She captioned it: “I was delighted to meet @emmykasbit who designed the jacket I wore in #Nigeria #UKAfrica#MadeInNigeria”

I was delighted to meet @emmykasbit who designed the jacket I wore in #Nigeria #UKAfrica #MadeInNigeria

A post shared by Theresa May (@theresamay) on

The designer has been sharing photos of the Prime Minister on Instagram:

Honored To Have The British Prime Minister #THERESAMAY Wearing A Custom Jacket From Our Spring Summer 18 Collection. __ Thank You @NgBritishArts @OjomaOchai @OmoyemiAkerele ❤️. And To All The Beautiful Women (Artisans) Who Work Tirelessly Day And Night Crafting These Beautiful Textiles, “A Win For One Is A Win For All” 💫💫❤️ __ #EmmyKasbit #EthicalFashion #TheresaMay #MadeInNigeria

A post shared by EmmyKasbit Nigeria (@emmykasbit) on

A Night With The Prime Minister, #TheresaMay Talking About Women Empowerment And Sustainability __ Thank You @ngbritisharts @lagosfashionweekofficial @omoyemiakerele @ojomaochai for this Life Changing moment! 🙏

A post shared by EmmyKasbit Nigeria (@emmykasbit) on

The British Prime Minister #TheresaMay Sitting With The President Of Nigeria, Wearing A Custom Made Akwete Jacket From Our Spring 18 Collection! __ @NgBritishArts __ #EmmyKasbit #MadeInNigeria #EthicalFashion #Womenswear

A post shared by EmmyKasbit Nigeria (@emmykasbit) on


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