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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

What is your comment on tithe? In this period of the Holy Ghost, is there any curse on Christians who do not pay?

from: 07 . 05 . 18

Hello Everyone, recently, some Nigerian Christian Journalists came to me with questions about my messages that expose the falsehood in the Nigerian church. They asked me some questions and I gave them answers. I will like to share both the questions and the answers I gave with you my friends, fans and followers.

The questions and answers will be released in parts. Please read and share this piece with as many people as you can. I believe it will go a long way to help the truth be heard in Nigeria, Africa and all over the world.


For the Love Of God, Church and Nation!

Dr. Sunday Adelaja

Question 9.

What is your comment on tithe? In this period of the Holy Ghost, is there any curse on Christians who do not pay?


My comment on tithe is well publicized. I have a whole series of teaching on the subject and I actually was featured on a radio show with an individual that is called “Daddy Freeze” where I spoke extensively about my attitude to the tithe. 

But what I would say is this; I personally I am not against tithe. Because I believe if Jesus would have wanted us to cancel it out rightly, he wouldn’t have said do this and the other do not forget. 

But, I think the principle of tithe still remains, I think every Christian could put aside 10% of his income to give to God. Now the question, I have today is how do you give to God? I think Jesus himself emphasized how to give to God. Because Jesus is the lord of the Sabbath and the tithe and the law. He is the Melchizedek that we give the tithe to. 

Jesus said we should give to him this wayI was naked and you clothed me. I was hungry and you fed me. I was in the hospital and you visited me. That is how you give to Jesus. He said whatever you have done to the least of this, you have done to me.

I would rather choose to use my tithe for those category of people, not giving money to pastors and the religious cabals, but giving to the poor, the widows, the orphans etc. 

There’s no curse on people who don’t pay their tithes. In fact, in the Old Testament God didn’t command the poor people to pay tithes.The people who were supposed to pay tithe in the Old Testament were the ones who were well to do. 

The tithe actually was meant for the poor and disenfranchised. In Malachi 3, God judged the leaders who were not using the tithes to meet the needs of the needy and disadvantaged.

Question 10 is coming soon…

Please share this message and leave your comments bellow!

2 Comments to “What is your comment on tithe? In this period of the Holy Ghost, is there any curse on Christians who do not pay?”
I agree with you pastor. Pastors are not authorized to collect tithes. The apostles did not collect it. There are three types of tithes that Yahweh commanded. Type 1 is food for the Levites in Israel (not Nigerian pastors)--- Lev 18 v 24 -28; Neh 10 v 37-38 etc. Type 2 is food & drinks for the individual Israelite & his family durring the annual feast of Tabernacle-- Deut 14 v 22-24. Type 3 is food for the poor( widows farherless children, strangers etc)-- Deut 14 v 28.
Good sir.... this Nigerian attitude is something else... even in the law of the Jews not Christians was in the third year.....only for the rich ones not the poor that does not have.....I will continue to warn them,maybe they will develop a repentant heart

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