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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

CORAF-WECARD / IITA Research grant for agricultural research for development

from: 09 . 09 . 15

The international development research center through the CORAF/WECARD and ITTA is financing research grants program on agricultural research for development of African Graduate Students.

the programme’s objective is to improve the institutional capacity of National Agricultural Research System in targeted countries through the increased number and quality of qualified agricultural science graduates capable of identifying, generating, generating and disseminating research outputs that meet the needs of small holder farmers and other actors in the food chains.

The Grant

  • Each country will receive five scholarships (3 Master and 2 PhD)
  • The grant program applications are particularly encouraged from women
  • Grants will be provided to a total of 20 individuals in 2015 (12 Msc and 8 PhD)

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