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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Dear DSA, Prophet Sadhu Selvaraj From India Confirms All Your Teachings About Nigeria

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Dear DSA, we are currently having a program with Prophet Sadhu Selvaraj. A “Youth Prophetic Conference” to be precise, and this is confirming most of what you have been teaching.
The catchy take-home is that the Nigerian Youths must be given a vision they can to work with, but unfortunately, the church in Nigeria is not doing this and thereby making the Youths despondent.
Prophet Sadhu Selvaraj said and I quote “The Boko Haram and the ISIS are giving the Youths vision, and paraphrasing here, they are enrolling them in droves to establish an Islamic caliphate; while the church is just busy with lifeless programs with no Kingdom focus to engage them. God is bringing a revival awakening to Nigeria. He is moving and confirming your stance and the revolution that is already coming to the Nigerian church and society.
He exposed false prophets in Africa, one of them, Koffi from Ghana, formerly a Pastor but now a fetish Priest who claims to have “anointed” many pastors in Africa, including some famous Nigerian Pastors. All in all, it is said that he has “anointed” about 1700 Pastors all over Africa. He also mentioned Shepherd Bushiri as one of the false prophets deceiving many. But HALLELUJAH, on the positive side, he also mentioned a Nigerian Pastor having the biggest church in Europe, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, doing marvelous work of the Lord; and doing Nigeria proud.
You’ve talked about this man of God, Prophet Sadhu Selvaraj in some of your programs. Also, I have sent you some of his video(s). God is doing great things DSA!


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