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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Dear DSA: Your Truth Series Should Be Integrated Into The Educational System In Nigeria

from: 07 . 10 . 19

God bless you DSA!!!!!

I got acquainted with your messages about six months ago. It is wonderful and I thank God for you, sir.

Anyone who says there is no God or no hope in regards to the condition of Nigeria must get to meet you. God is good. He has given us hope and I know Nigeria will be restored. God bless you DSA

I have listened to your Truth series and I know my life will never remain the same again. Thank you, sir. I wish this can be made a part of the syllabus for schools in Nigeria so that the importance of truth can be understood and established as a value system in our society. 99.9% of Nigerians live a “lie”. A life of ‘Make-believe’. This is the meaning of suffering and smiling. No Nigerian has the concept of truth in them. Without this fundamental value in the hearts of people, there is no way corruption can be fought in Nigeria. Understanding truth will also restore integrity in our nation.

Every time I’d visited Nigeria, I’m always in tears wondering where the Light of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is shining in our country. One time I counted the churches between Lagos and Ibadan expressway, and they were 32 including all the mega-churches. I wondered aloud where the influence of the Gospel is. I could not place it. In some of your broadcasts, I see how you express your feelings concerning Nigeria when you have not even seen the state it is now physically. Wait until you see it. I still do not understand how these pastors can operate among the people in such conditions.

I left Nigeria about 30 years ago. From 2016 to 2017, God began to speak to my heart about our nation with great compassion for the people. I went to my village in anticipation to dig about 4-6 Borehole for freshwater supply to the community. However, we found that there was already about 12 Borehole in the community but non-functioning. Everyone doing their own thing. The engineers found out that we may agitate the underground crust more if we kept digging deep down. We completed only one and now in the process of distributing the water in the community.

I will be glad to work with your team on the Nigerian Transformation project.  I work with people with developmental disability and mental health challenges in the USA since 1992 till date.

God bless you sir.


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