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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Engaging Your Purpose Beyond Books and The Classroom! – David  Olawade

from: 17 . 02 . 18
As I hear the clock ticks and checked the clock to consider how time flies, seconds upon seconds, minutes upon minutes and hours upon hours, it signals to me with much euphoria and phobia how close I’m to writing the anticipated exam I wished I could run away from.
I have received several calls, messages and been engaged with quite a number of discussions with my course mates with many of them telling me how they have been feeling down with little or no motivation to read.
They thought they had met the right person to share their feelings with only to find out that we were all in same shoes. I told them, for me, I wished rapture could take place the night before the first exam so I could escape writing the exams (smiles). I told them that those that are not rapturable should continue to read because the condition that may hinder them from writing the exams may exclude them.

They were all amazed at my sense of humour and they asked me why I had such thought on my mind; “I said because I’m also feeling the same way they are feeling towards the exams”. I realized very few actually had a prospect in doing the masters’ degree program as they have left their purpose unengaged over time. As I conversed with them, I had their purpose crying out within them, “Why did you bring me to the wrong place and left me unengaged?”.
Here I’m again on the table writing this article with volumes of materials that appears more than the volume of a bible to read.
Many thoughts flooded my minds as I considered how to make impacts and engage one’s purpose beyond the class borders and men that are blazing the trail with their impacts which the class room they left are now looking for them to give back to the class.
I remembered an event last week, during the convocation ceremony of Olabisi Onabanjo University, how Mrs. (now Dr.) Ibukun Awosika (Chairperson, First Bank Nigeria) was awarded an honorary doctoral degree in management even as a chemistry graduate. I was amazed at how professors of management, PhD graduands who had read and published papers on management listen to hear her talk to them on what she engaged outside the classroom borders.
I have followed quite a number of speeches delivered at Harvard University Convocation ceremonies, I discovered that 90% of invited guest that spoke at the events are men who left the class room to fulfill purpose and the university invites them to speak to the class room folks as a token of appreciation for them to had follow their passions. The university and the senior staffs are inadvertently passing a message to the graduands to fulfill their purpose at all cost beyond the class room experiences as the guests did.
Men like Denzel Washington, Myles Munroe, John C. Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Mark Zukerberg and many more have graced such event with powerful speeches. No one really cared about the university they attended or grade they finished with because they were more concerned with the impacts and results their lives has produced over time.
I imagined, how many thesis Dr. Aliko Dangote has written that makes him a statutory speaker at national and international conferences and summits on entrepreneur and business development? Yet many universities (local and international) have awarded him various honorary doctoral degrees in entrepreneur. What makes him better than those professors of entrepreneur with thousands of articles published in journals? Impacts and results beyond class room borders.
Dr. Sunday Adelaja also bagged an honorary doctoral degree in Humanities after a successful “Orange Revolution Campaign” that saw to the change in the political arm of affairs in Ukraine. His impacts opened him up to being the first black pastor to minister at the United Nations, Council of presidents summit. He has been a resource person to the United States Senate and to the United Nations on how to manage the world economy. I wondered what made him a first choice above the professors of economics all over the world.
I won’t be surprised when men like Fela Durotoye bags an honorary doctoral degree in Leadership and Political Science, Tara Durotoye in Cosmetology, T.Y Bello in Photography, Linda Ikeji in Broadcast Journalism and so on. Governor Rotimi Akeredolu just bagged one in law at Igbinedrion Varsity recently.
If the knowledge you are acquiring or have acquired can’t transform systems, individuals and the society then it’s ignorance in disguise. What’s the prospect for doing what you are doing? Why spend time on engagements that doesn’t interest you? Look inward, there are cravings from within you, let them find expression.
By David  Olawade


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