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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Every Nigerian Needs This Training

from: 19 . 08 . 19

Dear Dr Sunday Adelaja,

It is with a mixture of joy, gratitude, anxiety and hope that I am writing you this mail.

Gratitude because of the privilege you offered people like me to be able to reach you through the social medium without any hindrances. This is a complete opposite with our GO’s and other privileged Nigerians. You’ve opened your heart of compassion to not only inform, educate, counsel, and mentor us, but also deliver us from our ignorance and religious slavery.

In the past three days, I have cried my heart out while watching the History Makers Training(HMT) and seeing your presentations on how through practical Christianity you were able to deliver drug addicts, liberate the downtrodden, retrain irresponsible men, build a Christ-like character in the society and the country at large. You practically restored God’s kingdom on the earth and reclaimed dominion back to man with the same Christianity that our people in Nigeria use to enslave others…(tears). Though I am so heartbroken, but I can see hope in you, and that brings joy to my heart.

I am a 35 year old Nigerian, residing in Abuja. A not so very successful businessman who have tried to survive with very limited knowledge, and low standard of living as it is the case of majority of young Nigerians like me. Yes, I have made my own mistakes as a young man, failed many times, missed opportunities majorly because I lacked knowledge in the areas I had failed in but, I am so passionate and determine to win in life and for my country.

After watching your presentations on the New Nigeria transformation project through systems you’d built with your team (though you didn’t show them to us and I was one of the people who protested that it shouldn’t be shown on Facebook), but with the feelings expressed by those present there, with a pragmatic leader(DSA), and the fact that the work is already completed, I am consume with so much anxiety and hope, for a New Nigeria which I will be part of building.

DSA, I want to kindly make a request that you please invite me and other interested Nigerians to come over to Ukraine, for two or three months to learn the new value systems from the life transforming systemic designed programs, both to become a responsible man and as an agent of change that will join force with you in transforming Nigeria. I know this would cost me a lot, but I will sell everything I have if need be, to come over and learn, get my life transformed to enabled me transform others, and my country at large.

I know every Nigerian needs this training also, especially on the infusion of a new value systems, but DSA, I cannot wait till you comeback. I want to be one of your disciples in bringing this vision to reality.

Please don’t see my request as being overzealous, I am actually very zealous and I want this changes to start with me.

I will be very obliged if my request would be granted and I promise to dedicate my whole life to serving humanity and my country.

Thank you DSA, and may God bless you with more wisdom on how to carry out this loadable vision even with the hindrances, but God will give you a sweet victory in Jesus Name, Amen.

Yours Sincerely!


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