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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Fellow Nigerians, Especially Youths, Wake Up From your Slumber

from: 23 . 12 . 19

Dear DSA,
Oh Lord our God, let your peace reign in our country, Nigeria. Fellow Nigerians, wake up from your slumber!. Having watched some of Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s (also known as DSA) videos on the internet, I realized that there is a lot of wisdom in his teachings.

I am calling all Nigerian youths from all over the world to send this message to your friends and families: I want you to go on Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s YouTube page and listen to Dr. Adelaja’s History Makers Training (HMT) series, and buy some of his books from Amazon, Okada books or directly from DSA’ s office, to enlighten you. Wake up! This is the time and opportunity we have in this generation to stand up and support a man who has a dream along with some other Nigerians in the diaspora to take our nation from the state of comatose to the next level with the developed systems in place. This is not about religion. Stand up and be counted!

Ignorance is not an excuse because you are a stranger living outside of Nigeria. Take a stand and say “Enough is enough”. Believe in the dream and you will be vindicated when things begin to change in our dear country Nigeria.
Please forward to all your contacts until it reaches all Nigerians at home and abroad.
Please let this message go viral.

Congratulations DSA – You can now make greater impact!! Dr Sunday Adelaja – The MESSAGE had always been our focus…..we didn’t allow the rumours to blind our judgement nor did we give room for the reality to elope us, the euphoria was never of keen interest to us but we kept at the MESSAGE. Either you were ever going to be free or not was a consideration for believing nor were perturbed by your ability to bring a change – though we knew you were loaded. We tried not to get familiar but to follow your path of diligence and self discipline in studying, the market (social media) was so noisy with people (many) camping and decamping but this never mattered to us like the MESSAGE. When you came out to debunk all that was established erroneously, at first it seems like a joke but the reality was felt everywhere.

Your message was mind spinning, though we understand the words but not yet in our comprehension because it takes time and being studious to gain comprehension which we had not attained at the moment but we are not longer where we are at the time. We simply took the message and ran with it because giving you false praise and accolades like many would be too cheap. Well you deserve much more than those who benefitted from our labour.

Our hope was never reliant on you but on the work (MESSAGE) you delivered, being confident that with or without you we and others are able to run…….then the new broke that the EAGLE has emerged – oh what a JOY. How does it feel to breathe the air outside of Kiev, you returned to the world stage so quick – you were like the man born blind, while he regained his sight doubters were still arguing on FB that he blind and some said he can’t see no more. Now thanks be unto God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ, and makes manifest the fragrance of his knowledge by us in every place.


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