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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

(eng) 5 Things We Shouldn’t Do While We Spend Time With God.

de: 06 . 07 . 16
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3 Comments to “(eng) 5 Things We Shouldn’t Do While We Spend Time With God.”
I so agree with you on this. Do you mind if I re-post this on my blog? It's a relationship and lifestyle blog and my topics range, really, on wherever my thoughts lead. It's
What is striking for me is the point that our devotional are supposed to be dates with God and I it is good to spice things up a little. I guess mine has become so boring and I really needed to read this. So refreshing. Thanks and God bless.
Pastor, you have being a source of blessing to me and my household through your page. I log into your Facebook page everyday to see what you have for me for the day. This is so interesting because a relationship with GOD is what matters, not our religious activities. Thank you Pastor, may GOD continue to be your strength , Amen. Pastor, I also want to be part of the Billionaires you are raising in Africa. Adeniyi wrote from Rumuibekwe Housing Estate, Opposite SHELL R/ A,Portharcort,Nigeria.

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