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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

(eng) 6 Most Common Diseases In Nigeria And How To Prevent Them.

de: 12 . 01 . 18
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One Comments to “(eng) 6 Most Common Diseases In Nigeria And How To Prevent Them.”
A fact-based review of the Nigeria project. Whither Nigeria? What exactly is the state of things? Are we progressing or regressing? Ask three random Nigerians, you will likely get three different answers. News and social media platforms are replete with opinions, good and bad. Perception has shaped opinion. Many people say Nigeria is not changing, others say Nigeria is changing. Each one is entitled to their opinions However, as nation builders we must always take a more factual approach to things. True facts do not bow to sentiment. They do not lie. We believe the Lord spoke to us about a season of reformation and rebuilding in Nigeria. It has been tough, but amidst difficulty we have looked for evidence of progress, knowing that like precious metals which come from dirt, the future greatness of our nation is being shaped in trying times. Below is a list of verifiable areas of progress in the last 30 months. This list is not in the least exhaustive. We have only covered items which we consider verifiable. These include projects already in progress and completed projects. There are many other developments which we have NOT included such as items we consider unverifiable or items planned for future delivery in 2018 and beyond. At the end of this document we have also listed some of the challenges we still face as a nation and then listed contact details for platforms where the Nigeria project can be monitored. Why are we doing this? Firstly, we believe God has brought our nation on a significant journey. We are gathering these facts as an act of thanksgiving. Secondly, we want to make it possible for Issachar’s and other nation builders to be able to track progress. Lastly, we want to put these out there as a tool for nation building evangelism. God is at work in Nigeria. Corruption 1- Establishment of Presidential advisory committee on anti-corruption drive, headed by Professor Itse Sagay. 2- As at October 2017, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the ICPC and others have recovered over NGN 800 billion. This is the highest money recovery in history. 3- Over 200 people so far jailed on anti-corruption fight including an ex-governor. 4- Fifteen senior Judges arrested and under probe, another first in the nation’s history. 5- Probe of military funds diverted during the Boko Haram fight. Over 20 generals arrested, detained and tried. There has never been such a massive detention of military generals in Nigeria except during a coup. 6- Over 1,000 cases in local courts 7- Several cases in international courts e.g. Diezani Madueke and accomplices currently under trial in UK and USA

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