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de: 27 . 01 . 16

Yeeesss!!! I have the winning numbers, is something everyone who plays the lottery hopes to say when the winning numbers are announced on TV. Many these days look forward to being given that big check. Like many already know, this Check would not be the normal one that we use at our banks on a regular basis. It will be one of the extra-large ones that is given to winners of huge sums of money especially lottery winners. Most of us don’t dream of any other name written on that check except ours, with a huge amount of money preferable in tens or hundreds of millions written right next to our names. We dream of how we and our families will no longer have to lack any good thing having suddenly come into this huge amount of money.

As good Christians we may also be thinking of how much we will give to the church, our Pastors, Charity, etc. We immediately see ourselves as people who have inherited God’s promise of prosperity that we have long prayed, believed and waited for. Some of us will be excited at the thought of sharing our testimony with the celebrating and awe stuck members of our church. What a dream!

My focus today however is on something many have not really thought about in their pursuit of quick wealth through playing the lottery. As much as God wants to bless us, He doesn’t cut corners and wants us to be like him in all we do. After been recently asked of my thoughts on Christians playing the lottery, I decided to highlight some points that I believe will help us look at playing the lottery differently.

I  will like to state at this point that I don’t personally think it is proper for Christians to play lottery. Before you discredit my stand, I kindly ask that you hear me out. These are my reasons:

1. Playing the lottery downplays God’s Image and likeness in us.

God created us in his image and likeness and that image talks about a God who is a creator meaning, He is creative. He made us in His image to create and not just get something for nothing. The nature of God in us is creative so the nature of God in us should make us creative. Playing lottery downplays that. There is no creativity in playing lottery. Playing lottery deprives us of the nature of God which is to create and be creative. Lottery stops us from being our best. We don’t improve ourselves and we don’t add any value to ourselves. We are deprived of the best we could become, because we get something for nothing.

2. Due to lack of work, Skills, and expertise, Most winners end up back to where they started.

The nature of lottery is the desire to gain wealth without the necessary skill, labor and expertise required. That is why research has proven that 10 years after winning the lottery, 90% of the winners are back to square one, because they squandered the money. They were not able to retain it in a period of 10 years. The reason why they are not able to retain their wealth is because they had not developed their skills, expertise and work ability to have such an amount of money. So the only legitimate source of wealth is work, skills and expertise.

3. Lottery is based on luck and chance Which is not God’s Mode Of Operation.

Lottery is based on luck and chance. People who play lottery are giving their lives over to luck and chance, which is contradictory to the revealed mode of God’s operation. God wants us to live by understanding, that is why he gave us His commandment in the Bible. For the same reason He put the whole of creation under concrete laws and rules. There is certainty in nature and in God’s mode of operation. Whereas playing lottery reduces our nature to living by chance and probability. Life is meant to be predictable and not a guess work.

4. Lottery encourages irresponsible stewardship.

Lottery encourages irresponsible stewardship in the sense that it tempts people to throw away their hard earned money and income. The money that should be used for the fees of their children or to bring food to the table or to do things that should bring fort the responsibility of the man or woman is being thrown into the air. This is because a lottery player will never be sure that the money he or she is giving out will come back, talk less of been multiplied.

5. Lottery devalues God’s principles and promotes Laziness, emptiness and vanity.

The nature of God and his requirement of man is that of diligence and hard work. Playing lottery suggests that one can get something in life without working hard for it. It suggests that diligence is not valued. It reduces precious qualities in man. It develops laziness, emptiness and vanity in people.

6.  Lottery Breeds sin.

At the very foundation of lottery lies the sin of lust, greed and covetousness which is a direct opposite of God’s commandments.

7. Playing lottery is a form of robbery.

Playing lottery is a form of robbery. It takes from thousands of people and in the real sense only a few get to win something. The real winner is the organizer of the lottery, while thousands of people are left without their income. It robs the majority to give to some. It is a form of exploitation. It is taking advantage of people, because they hope to get more, but in the real sense they are being exploited. It is the exploitation of others by some.

By Pastor Sunday Adelaja
En relation
Bible verse to assist us, thanks Pastor
Does this include America and Canadian Visa Lottery?
Yes it does. Those principles are universal.
Good morning brother greetings from Germany I wote to you about this matter 2 weeks ago thank you for your reply This are the questions that asked from us, that is it good for Christian should play lottery? man of God Pastor Adelaja thanks for your good answer. God bless you. GOOD NEWS OUTREACH MAGAZINE GERMANY Emmanuel - Publications the life saving
Seriously Pastor, l have always respected your views on every single discuss, and l hope to continue in this line regardless of what and how affected my stance may be henceforth on this particular issue. I have a whole lot of pages to place my thoughts down as questions to you Sir. First, l'll like to know if you're speaking on this issue as a mouthpiece of God our Father, on this particular matter. Secondly, have you in any way prayed for individuals or offered a general benediction that sounds :"this week someone will be located for blessings" or better still, have you or have you not, at any point in your spiritual call come across someone who is seeking for prayers to secure greener pasture through visa-lottery to any of the developed industrialized nations of the earth?? Sir, did you noticed that even God Himself says that He will gift to us "the treasures of darkness, and the hidden riches of secret places" in Isaiah45vs1-3???. The conclusion is this :l still hold you in high regards Sir, no matter the matter about this matter, but may l say this also: God speaks according to His unlimited, immeasurable capacity for performance, not according to man's inference or inability. This is my testimony Sir, l have played the lottery and never won the kind of amount l won but for the day l committed to practicing the aforementioned Scripture above. God is not a liar Sir, He means everything He says..., treasures of darkness simply means treasures that was stolen by the prince of darkness from believers which was initially released by The King of kings to such persons. I believe you know better. May God help you Sir. May l use this great opportunity to ask for your e-mail address Sir.
Sports betting and lottery are they the same??? Pls respond to this and other questions and remarks from others concerning this issue, thanks.
I knew something is not right about all forms of lottery,I DON'T PLAY THEM,BUT FIND IT DIFFICULT TO PREACH AGAINST IT,especially when you have siblings,friends and even parents playing and winning sometimes(though little money). But,now I have facts and truths to back up my conviction. Thank you Sir!
I really thank you for the God inspiration in you that you use to turn around my life.All what you said about playing lottery as no effect on those people that understand principle of money.The most catastrophic in human life isn't to have clear understanding about principle of money as explained in your book.
It's the Spirit of God in you that tells you it is not right. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. Sometimes I am amazed when a spirit filled is asking whether it is right to play lottery when they within them that it is not right. You can't cite biblical references for everything in life. For instance do you have biblical for the name of your wife that you marry or where you work? You search with your eyes and mind and when you see the woman you just know and she too knows and the process takes off from there. The bible is just there as a guide to validate what you are doing is right. The real reason why Christians ask this question about lottery is that they know within them it is not right but their lust of the flesh is prevailing and telling them it's okay. It may be okay ; that does not mean it is right. All things are lawful but not all things are expedient. Paul said all things are lawful for me but I will not be brought under the power of any. God wants to guide always but our flesh (natural inclination) stands in the way. Sometimes you want to drive your car through a particular route but you have a check in your spirit to use alternative route for that day. God guide as to the kind of people to join business partnership with. God knows all things and He tells you lottery is not his channel of blessing for you. No matter how good itsound , it is not right. Let me says this: You don't have to cite reasons for everything you do with your life. You are not accountable to people but God. God bless you!
Sir i want to know how to stop witches from attacking me.I have been attack ocult men and woman. Many time see wounds in diffrents parts of my body.
@Emmanuel Nnaji its very easy to defect them. Firstly accept Jesus into your life. Allow him be the captain of your life, then avoid sin even if it means stopping somethings do it. Avoid. Sin totally. Then cultivate an habit of prayers. No demon will ever troubLe you after you follow this steps
May I advise this fellow to pick up Rebecca Brown's book: Becoming a vessel of honour. It will shed light on his/her situation.
Praise The Lord Pastor, I am Somanath Digal from Odisha, India, very good message about principle of money. please pray for me, aim of my life to preach Word of God in our place, I hope your prayer will be fulfill my aim for The only way Jesus Ministry.. Thank you.
Phillipians 2,Phillipians 4 and Ephesians 1, John 4,john 14,Luke 6 and luke10
I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. Ecclesiastes 9:11.
I don't agree with your post Sir.. Man's attitude to money must change.. That is the real issue.. The bible clearly talks about the LOVE of money ..... For that random person who sets aside a small insignificant part of his income to play the lottery is a different thing from a lazy man who wakes and sleeps the lottery. For someone with the right mindset, winnning the lottery has given them the opportunity to overcome immediate money challenges and even be a blessing.. Let's be wise...
You are very correct sir

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