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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

(eng) Buhari’s Achievements For The Past 4 Years Every Nigerian Needs To Know Before Voting

de: 04 . 02 . 19
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4 Comments to “(eng) Buhari’s Achievements For The Past 4 Years Every Nigerian Needs To Know Before Voting”
Buhari Administration is weak and full of nepotism and tribalism.Many christians farmers were killed in benue state under his watch without a quick response to solve the problems.All the military heards are comprised majorly of northern military men. He is biased and not forthright.He does not bring equal justice to all and sundry in his fight against corruption.He shieded most of his close allies. He even got to power by the corrupt politicians that sponsored his election in 2015.
Thank u Sir
Buhari needs to be commended for achieving so much within a short time with so little. But this is not to say he underperformed in some areas. However, his integrity and disdain for using state resources for self separated him from other leaders. If we are looking for a leader that can turn things around, Buhari is the man. We just need to stay focussed and offer advice and assistance to guide him aright where necessary as nobody is an island
Thank you sir, you have said it all. Thank God we have people like you who have and use their sound mind. Most men of God in Nigeria cannot even analyze this because they lack the capacity to do so.

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