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(eng) Churches Should Be Banned On Nigeria’s University Campuses & Here Is Why – {Video}

de: 06 . 04 . 19
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2 Comments to “(eng) Churches Should Be Banned On Nigeria’s University Campuses & Here Is Why – {Video}”
Sir I have supported every thing you have said but on this I disagree with you sir n my reasons are below 1. You cant say churchs should be ban on campus sir. All Nigeria campus is decaying in corruption, immoral behaviours I school in one and I know wat am saying the fellowships in campus are saving lifes 2. For you to say ban on churches in campus I feel it's a call too far. 3. U released a video that pa Elton says Nigeria will pay Nigerians to preach the Gospel this is part of it sir some state govt pay scholarship to students sir. 4. Would it have been better if kumuyi and adeboye had continued there teaching of maths or can u say Eneche would have been a better doctor than a pastor I am not a follower of them because am an Anglican but would Christianity in nigeria be better without them ?
Thanks for outlining your points. If you watch the video again and listen carefully you will see that your concerns were addressed.

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