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(eng) Jesus Appears To Islamic Militants Chasing Christians In Dust Storm. He Asks Them, ‘Why Do You Persecute Me?’

de: 11 . 01 . 17
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17 Comments to “(eng) Jesus Appears To Islamic Militants Chasing Christians In Dust Storm. He Asks Them, ‘Why Do You Persecute Me?’”
We give glory to Almighty Father for manifesting Himself, This is our God That would not ask anybody to fight in order to defend HIM, He is God enough to defend Himself. Tell them not to Fight for any God let any living God Raise a standard against HIS enemies. -Oni J.O -Nigeria
Thank you Master Jesus Christ for saving their lives. Kindly do same Islamic terrorists and Fulani mercenaries in Nigeria.
Why don't the be bold enough to proclaim the miraculous photos and videos about their testimonies??
Thanks and All Glory to the Lord Jesus. The Defender of the defenseless please manifest yourself in Nigeria,Lord the saints are dying unexpectedly, Lord the converts are waisting away.Jesus the same yesterday,today and Forever. Shalom
He who started his work on them will surely finish it. Thanks
let us struggle to enter heaven because to whom much is given much is
Beautiful testimony,d LORD is indeed a merciful GOD n d GOD dat specialises in giving mankind second chance.
Yes I don't even know people fighting for God. This post make me realize thd mistake of people doing when it is about God.
Wow. That is amazing hard-line terrorists changing their religion through a powerful encounter with Jesus? There will be more Muslims and Muslim Terrorists coming to Christ in the Tribulation hour. Muslims need to see Miracles and powerful signs in order to come out of Islam.
Jesus is lord
Yes, He is, and He has done this before (Paul on the road to Damascus) :-)
Our God is a Mighty God in Battle, To Him be all the Glory, this how He will continue to show up on behalf of all that trust and believe in Him.
The gates of hell shall not prevail against His church. Try hard as the Islamic fundamentals do they can only kill the body but not the soul.
Dear Lord Jesus Christ Help Us In This World To Follow You. Amen
Oh Lord Jesus You Are Wonderful. May God Help Us In Jesus Name. AMEN.
Thank you Lord God . I've been praying that these terrorist would have an encounter with Jesus. His amazing love brings them to repentance. Keep praying
We are serving a living GOD

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