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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

(eng) Pastor Adeboye Proves Sunday Adelaja Right

de: 30 . 12 . 18
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One Comments to “(eng) Pastor Adeboye Proves Sunday Adelaja Right”
How did your word cause revolution? Is it not a normal thing that He and other ministers say everytime? No matter what is said, people will always be people because a lot of people don't understand that they have power when they have received Christ Jesus as Lord. When people don't grow to take and understand Acts 1:8; Mark 16:16-18; Luke 10:19. You want to tell me, your members don't do some of those things. We will always have those things provided Christians don't grow up spiritually and are lazying around the word of God. I think you are just too rude, proud and talk too much. Do you think what you are doing is the right way to do anything you claim, you are doing? I am not a member of Redeemed but I have heard him say that over and over. I have heard most of the ministers you abuse say "no one can do this things except God does it". "It is God that does it and not a man". However, materials and mantles can be used as medium of transference of anointing during the overflow of the anointing. That people idolize materials is another thing, and totally immature spiritually. Then, we know lot of Nigerians, just sit and carry empty things around to make money and people rush to buy, then people who have not learnt of God idolize this things etc... that one is another contextual problem. The whole problem is people refusing to grow up. So don't sit and be making yourself look good. What revolution are you talking about? There is no revolution? You just take stuff out of context to make yourself good... There are serious issues around the world on religious injustice, instead of you to channel your energy of journalism to call Christian leaders to do something about religious injustice that is right in our face, you are fighting and you claim what you are doing is of God. If it is of God, I had better become a pagan than all this Christianity fight here there. Fighting everyone and make Christianity look stupid. Is that of God? NO, definately.

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