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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

(eng) Why I Refused Pst. Paul Eneche’s Invitation To Minister At His Church – Sunday Adelaja {Video}

de: 27 . 12 . 18
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4 Comments to “(eng) Why I Refused Pst. Paul Eneche’s Invitation To Minister At His Church – Sunday Adelaja {Video}”
I wat to buy all of dr sundays book. What will it cost? I live in usa
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Though I agree to an extent of what Pastor Adelaja is saying..I still believe somehow it's discipleship that more churches are concerned about. When a soul is won, it is still the duty of the soul winner to follow up the convert to see if he is growing. The problem is not from the church leaders like Adeboye and is from newer believers who believe that they MUST disciple their converts. Now where the church leaders could be "wrong" in MY experience is that MONEY is not allocated to "follow up" processes. Because the REALITY in Nigeria of TODAY is that you need money, yes, MONEY CASH!!! to make calls, go to the houses of the converts, even some "converts" say because of the poverty of the land, they need transport money to go to church!! Wealthy church provide buses at strategic places to bring both new converts and those that have no transportation to the church premises. So Pastor Sunday, you MAY be the one that does not understand how NIGERIA is today!! Maybe you've been in Europe too long and you should come "home" for a while and study ON GROUND what the REALITY ON GROUND is!!! Now this is why we have to continue to raise leaders that understand how to PRACTICALLY solve Nigeria's problems..And it will not take one day...and YES! It is only GOD ( through men that have interacted with Nigerian of today[2019] that can solve the problem. Sowore too through I respect the fact that he can come out and aspire to be President but Lagos is NOT NIGERIA. Nigeria is a BIG entity with different cultures..Who know "Sowore" outside the social media circles of Lagos? He cannot win an election in my village in AkwaIbom State. His so called party has NO structure in my geo political zone..not to talk of the middle belt, north east, north central or eastern States . Nigeria is BIGGER than Yorubaland!! NUFF SAID!!
You are right. They are concerned about filling their Churches and not the Kingdom. I've found the right place

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