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(eng) How To Build a Secured Financial Future

(eng) IN THIS BOOK WE WILL: • Wake you up from your financial slumber • Destroy all myths about money and financial freedom • Teach you to pay yourself instead of paying everybody else • Teach you how to create financial plan • Teach you how to create family and corporate budget • Teach you how to escape the world’s financial traps • Help you learn how to deal with debt • Teach you the necessary tips for investment • Teach you how to keep your motives right • You will learn how to better manage your finances for the future
7 Comments to “(eng) How To Build a Secured Financial Future”
Where in Nigeria can get your books to buy. I live in port Harcourt and your book money won't make you rich helped me a lot. I need a place where your books can be bought. Please do keep me posted. Thank you.
You can contact Pastor Sunday's Book distributor in Nigeria. He lives in Lagos, but he can send any of the books you need to you. Here is his contact. Blessings! Name: Mr. Bode Awolana Email: Mobile: +2348187518530, +2348097721451, +2348034093699
You can contact me. I supply the book. Whatsapp 08111145396
Can you please make your books available on
I am in Ghana and want your book entitled 'How to build a secured financial future" to buy. Please can you show me where to get it. Thank you
Please call this number. She is in Nigeria but she will link you up with someone in Ghana. Chioma Ugwudi-Nwigwein (WhatsApp: +234 70-65-22-85-37)

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