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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

(eng) False and True Understanding of Love

(eng) All dream about love! In the entire universe, there is no man who would not dream to love and be loved. No other aspect, perhaps, of human life was ever devoted much thought, discussion, dream, and debate on as the aspect of true love. Love is everywhere: in our songs, and book, in televisions and cinemas. The theme of love is not coming from our mouths, not leaving our thoughts, and even our conversations. Dear readers, let’s think about the depth of this feeling and its concepts. We offer many different concepts of love, but that is as far as they can be trusted! Western popular culture tends to equate the love of warm feelings, physical attractions, and sexual feelings. This view of love everyday hammered into our heads through books and magazines that we read, the songs we listen to, movies and the television programs that we watch. This epidemic destroys relationships, failed marriages and broken homes that characterize today’s society. It tells us that our view of love is something quite erroneous. Our understanding of love was too selfish! Sometimes, a person thinks that he loves, but he/she is actually destroying their loved ones. People are destroying each other these days because they do not understand the difference between true and false love. How often do we hear these statements! In the name of love, people become manipulators on people, using and exploiting each other. Most people are under the notion that love means anything, but it’s just not what it actually is. On these pages, we will look at what the true understanding of love that you know is then a true representation of LOVE WHICH IS DIFFERENT FROM FALSE. You will also see how the consequences of a false understanding of love come in a person’s life. When you apply this knowledge into practice, you can avoid many problems, conflicts, insults, quarrels, and disappointments. You will also learn about the secrets of happiness and longevity, good health, and happy family life. There are some practical assignments and tests after each chapter, which will help you to understand yourself better and some raised topics; see their mistakes and apply this knowledge into practice.

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