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(eng) The Mountain of Ignorance: The Greatest Problem of Man is Not Sin or Satan, it is Ignorance

(eng) In this book you will learn : •That knowledge is the foundation of every success •That knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness •That Satan rules through darkness and God rules through light •The varieties of ignorance and how to overcome them •How ignorance is destroying the church and how to overcome it •The difference between the poor and the rich, developed and underdeveloped nation is ignorance •The ills of any society can be traced back to ignorance •That there is no excuse for ignorance •How to fight your own ignorance •To overcome ignorance we must stop seeking after miracles but principles •The church must start raising sons instead of slaves •That we must not be silent •That we must begin to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God •That God can only relate to us based on the level of our knowledge •That all your limitations are caused by ignorance and you will learn to overcome them in this book

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