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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

(eng) If You Want A Rich Husband, Be A Rich Wife.

de: 21 . 09 . 16
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2 Comments to “(eng) If You Want A Rich Husband, Be A Rich Wife.”
Great Lakes and East Africa women empowerment initiative is a community based organization, which seek to create a space for African women to organize autonomously, network with each other, share skills and expertise, identify issues of concern and speak for themselves, which was critical given that most members were experiencing migrant life as refugees in Kenya. It is thus a grassroots movement of women brought together by a common goal of eradicating poverty, transforming conflict and improving the living standards of the members, their households and the communities in the East Africa and great lakes regions of Africa. our upcoming event will be on first September witch is international peace day your moral support is very important we will be so happy to receive your feedback
Contact the author of the article. Her information is at the bottom of the article and links to her social media pages are there are well. All the best!

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