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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 24 . 08 . 15

Would you like Pastor Sunday Adelaja to become your personal mentor?!

You think it’s a dream? Not at all! It is a reality!

We are pleased to offer a unique opportunity to you, your friends, family members, team members, church members and any other person you know.

By subscribing to Mentorship Program of Pastor Sunday Adelaja you are getting a FREE* access to:

  • exclusive extracts from the newest unreleased books by Pastor Sunday;
  • free audio messages;
  • free video messages;
  • the newest materials on self-improvement;
  • weekly newsletters with assignments;
  • unique opportunities to consult with Pastor Sunday;
  • articles on various topics, e.g. life and relationships, personal development, team-building, finances, church growth, national, social and cultural transformation, etc.

*The registration is free of charge till September 30th, 2015

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“I attribute so much of who I am today to my distance mentorship with Pastor Sunday. I am amazed that now I get to open the door for others to join me on such a wonderful Kingdom journey” – Derek Schneider, Canada

“My life and ministry was changed by an encounter with your materials. The World needs more of Sunday Adelaja and am excited to say this program will be a platform to raise more World changers. God is using you to transform South Africa through me… Another Sunday Adelaja is arising in SA.” – Louis Mamutsi, South Africa

“I have been waiting for this opportunity all my life ever since I read the book “ChurchShift.” – Okpara Tochukwu

I met with you @ Azuza Revival in Los Angelese along with other pastors.
I met with you along with other pastors @ Azuza Revival and we went with you to a Church where you ministered we were so blessed hanging around a wonderful, humble and Highly anointed Man Of God like you.
I will never forget the day I came across one of your material about your pastor he has Realtor shape my life God bless you sir.
Thank you sir for been a blessing to the global world.You're truly a shining light in your generation.
I thank God for such a great opportunity to become one of those people chosen to be mentored by you pastor sunday. In few years to come, there gonna be many of your kind in different parts of the world doing amazing things for the kingdom of God. God bless you pastor sunday
I want to subscribe to Pastor Sunday's Free Mentorship Programme.
Its easy,just follow the link below and fill out the form. Good to have you on board. Blessings!
Good opportunity for people in Nigeria
Wow.My inner mind is filled.This is wonderful
My mindset and ideology regarding politics and kingdom life has been transformed through the articles of Pastor Sunday. I salute your dexterity and unwavering commitment to emphasize truth, despite misconception from a lot of church folks.
The book church shift and money can not make you rich, did not just answer the yearning of my heart, but also open me up to something towards nation building.
Send me any further information.
What a great blessing you are to the body Christ.
God bless pastor Sunday Adelaja
I've trying to register for this mentoring programme but its not going through. I'm also a follower of Pastor Sunday Adelaja in Nigeria and I've been desiring to be mentored by him. I learnt of this forum from the current co-ordinator of a ministry i once served as his predecessor. Please i want to be on this training programme, how do I register?
You will be contacted and helped to register. Thank you very much for your interest and patience. Blessings!
I have search all day the link to check my level's one result and the assigment I should do for level two, without success. Please can I get the link?
Hello Sylvie, Sorry for the inconveniences, the program is temporarily on hold. We will get to you with more information as soon as it is active again. Blessings.
Thanks A billion times DSA. Really I am really blessed the day l started listing to you. my life and family has change. Since I started in Nov. Last year I haven't been able Or any more interest to watch nagerian movies and other forms of entertainment. DSA thank you for showing me and teaching me the right and only true way of life. What I am seeking for is love and kindness . Giving helping hands to others especially those I don't know. DSA I have registered on the menthoship last month and today again. I don't know how to get the information or the lessons. And I need your help. Thanks and I will continue to Pray that let our heavenly Father continue to give you the strength to continue to do the good work that you have started. Thanks and Amen.
I thank God for your life , people's mind has been renewed through the truth of God's word coming through you. Thank you sir God bless you.
Wow, pastor your expository messages has got me thinking in a new direction. I keep ruminating on the facts as they are deeply touching. May God continually illuminated His word through you.
Pastor Sunday Adelaja is my father my mentor I love to listen to him and am always blessed Everytime I listened to him. Long my mentor.
I have subscribe to Mentorship programme about two weeks ago and have not receive any response to that effect. Could you please get back to me and let me know the next line of action. Many thanks, Simon
I am so greatful for this oppurtunity
Hello DSA family , i want firstly appreciate Sir for great work you are doing i am one of your secret listener my life have change since i started following your programme a million thks , i was able to discover my purpose of existence after reading your books in Amazon Who am i, mountain of ignorance, kingdom drive life , stop working for uncle Sam, what do you with your time all this i read for free so insparing , i tell you DSA your massage is changing milion of life i thank GOD for using you to pass this truth of his kingdom to me and other people i am passing the massage too to other people. I have register for the mentorshipclass .God bless You and your tram.
Hello DSA, I thought that something was wrong with me in my formal church because I felt I was the only one who couldn't accept all the rubbish my former pastor was doing so I became the rebel and the topic of the church. But when I listened to you afterwards on Facebook, I was so relieved. I thank God for opening my eye even before then. As I started listening to you a year ago, I have learned much more than my 15yrs experience In that church. I am so grateful that you listened to the holy spirit in other to start this revival of the gospel of christ. Your book "who am I and the kingdom driven life " has opened my eyes to many truth. Please continue what you are doing. People are watching although it seams as if they have the majority, but God / the holy spirit is doing a great work.
Hello DSA, I like to appreciate God for your life, using you to save the lost souls. Thanks so much. I will love to join your mentorship training, I live in London. I want to know when and time to join. Thanks once again. Anwuri Goodfully
The journey of greatness begins by learning processes .
Nigerian Transformation Project via the mentorship IS timely, laudable because Nigeria & Africa are predominantly religious people and we need to get it RIGHT TO BE holistically humane & spiritually literate. TRUE -DOCTRINE orientation is basic before picking or fulfilling purposes in different career - ministry and missions ,politics and global services. DSA,being an evangelical pastor & holistic author himself recognizes it will harvest more souls in the long run if the big GOs and Pastors humbly regret and restitute their selfish use of huge money collected from not so well off congregation and not GIVE BACK substantially other than preaching out of biblical content.I love planned giving. But can dashing an expensive car heal or completely annul a pain? Can tithes defaulters attract a curse on a ministry or a on the congregation? Are you robing God if you delay your tithes? IS IT FAIR TO INVEST CHURCH OFFERING ON BUILDING A private university and the fees are fixed beyond affordability by the congregants? .nb The project will kick start appropriate development in other sectors already running unethically.It will also separate the shaft from the wheat-expose paganic -idolatory in some pentecostal churches in Nigeria & Africa-evidently from confessions of and videos and Pastor Wellington Change Appeal from Paris and calls from UK,USA Italy,France buttressing DSA VIDEO ANALYSIS OF THE BIG GOs /practices preachings on the social media-without bitterness. Only alerting the nation and the continent on corrupt & greed besetting the churches at the expence of their congregation.Do you agree to the fact that its a big blow on Christ s Death on the Cross,His suffering so that we are healed by His Blood & Sacrifice so that we are rich....Its timely .Nigerian Pentecostalism needs not be left loose! True Gospel Practice by Christians ought to enrich our nation not run it bankrupt spiritually and materially .Believing rightly with LOVE OF CHRIST shouldn't impoverish us-it should actually enrich us beyond money. How many pastors on earth can rival Christs AGAPE LOVE?.No mortal is perfect but His Grace can help us love one another 2Cor3:18 gtjmst 301218
I have not seen such pastor in Nigeria and Africa as a whole because they all seem to be saying and doing the same thing on their different tv channels. I think there is great need for this movement
Sir, every day of my life i have been praying to God on how to see Him, hear Him, and also know Him personally. To day i am thanking God for your life that God has used His messages through you, for me to see the true God, to hear Him and also known Him. Thank you so much sir, and may the good Lord bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.
God bless u sir.
God bless u your ministry.
I am just burning anytime I Listen to your messages. I work in a school with pastors who have ministry after introducing your message to them they were very critical about your thoughts but after listening for some months they have started THINKING!
Good Day DSA How do we get access to the next lesson under the mentor-ship program My adviser has asked I should request for access to the next level - I have however not received any response or access Eager to move to the next level thank you
Thank you so much sir, am new in this platform, you are a blessing to our generation sir.
I am new here and very interested in your revelations and indept teaching on Christianity.Need all your post please sir.Remain blessed.

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