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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Genius: Nigerian Doctor Saves Prematurely Born Baby With Locally Improvised Incubator

from: 27 . 01 . 19

The baby was born premature and needed an incubator to survive, but the Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital didn’t have one, so he improvised.

Premature babies need intense and meticulous care to survive as no mother deserves to see a kid she hopes would leave die out before her eyes.

One important thing these babies need is an incubator. This device helps preserve microbiological structures and cell structures. These premature babies are not fully formed, so various parts of their bodies are either non-existent or malformed/underdeveloped.

This incubator is usually a transparent glass-like tube structure that is built to limit the rate of contamination and help these babies develop the things they couldn’t develop while in the womb.

These parts are things malformed parts are pigmentation of skin, immune system, the brain, nervous system or cell structures. Simple exposure of babies to the rigours of an open environment means opening the baby up to the possibility of various infections his immune system might not be able to combat.

This was the precarious situation Dr. Chibuike Joseph ‘Super CJ’ Chukwudum found found himself when he oversaw the birth of a premature baby at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Anambra State.

He wanted to protect the baby at all costs due to his professional oath and commitment to his cause. There was however one problem, a major thing premature babies need to boost their chances of survival; an incubator wasn’t available.

Without one, the baby could have died. What Dr. Chukwudum did next was fantastic, thoughtful, daring and emotionally endearing all at once as he refused to watch the baby die; he made an incubator from scratch with what was an empty paper carton, Ankara cloths to make the foam the baby would lay on, a hot water flask to keep the heat and improvised lighting from a bulb to illuminate that improvised incubator.

Nigerian doctors are doing exploits. The baby has since survived due to this doctor’s ingenious improvisation, bravery and sheer power of will to uphold his oath and not see a human being die without at least trying. He deserves an award.

On January 24, 2018, the good doctor took to his Nairaland page to narrate how he got lassa fever and overcame it. That probably added to his will to save lives.

Thank God for his life.


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