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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

How I Got Delivered From The Wrong Messages At Winners Chapel After 12 Years – Chinasa Virgil-Okolo

from: 24 . 04 . 18
Hello Friends, below is a testimony from one of my listeners. I believe it will bless you greatly. Please share this with your friends, so that they too can become liberated and their full potential can be unleashed by the power of truth.
Pst. Sunday
For The Love Of God, Church and Nation!


Dear DSA,

How are you doing? Hope everybody in your family is doing good? I am very happy to know who you are. I came across you on Facebook in November 2017 where you were addressing Nigerian pastors never to worry about you because it is going to get worse. You said you will be addressing a lot of wrong doctrines going on in Nigeria churches and that made me to connect with you. The first day I listened to your message, it was hitting me like water bullets. I could not understand where you were coming from. The teaching was difficult to accept prior to what I have known for 12 years but your message kept telling me that it was the wrong message that I must let those wrong doctrines go. It actually took me time, even when I am sleeping I do hear your teachings. I never knew I could accept the message but I did. I was a winner and I never knew that one day I will not belong to that church again due to how I was following the general overseer.
My reason for writing this email to you is to let you know that I was a winner for 12 years and it has been all about waiting on God for miracles. But I started listening to you on November 2017 and on 10th January 2018, I came across one of your video where you addressed the STEPS TO BECOMING AN INNOVATOR. You explained how to think associatively, associating ideas and concept and relationship between existing object and idea. As I was following your teachings on that video an innovative idea flashed on my mind like a light. It was like a voice giving me an idea on how I can innovate the way job employment have been done in the world. The picture was very clear as I was watching that video. I am consuming your YouTube resources and it is helping me on my project. Thank you so much.
I want to thank you for accepting the calling from God to librate His people all over the world. I have started working on it because you have thought me the principles of hard work. I am studying Human Resources Management right now and I learnt from you the importance of team building in a project. So the first person I discussed the idea with has HR experience more than me and that made me to accept her in my project. DSA, you have changed my small thinking to a global thinking. I am also writing a book from what I learnt in one of the mentorship assignment. God is awesome. Life is predictable. The more I listen to you the more ideas I have and I kept writing them down. 
DSA, I am very grateful to know who you are and I am looking forward to meeting you. You are my great mentor and I am hoping to come to Ukraine someday.
I love you with the love of God. Thank you so much for what you are doing. May the Blessings of God never depart from you. Amen!!!
Best Regards,
Chinasa Virgil-Okolo

One Comments to “How I Got Delivered From The Wrong Messages At Winners Chapel After 12 Years – Chinasa Virgil-Okolo”
DSA You've been a blessing.. I still Attend my Church till now... but with a refined understanding... I weight every discuss with Gods mindset and the word.... and Not so Long ago..I listened to my own father in the Lord criticizing some preachers because of some of their interpretation of the scripture on the pulpit at a seminar and adviced us to do same regarly... God bless your ministry greatly... Sir, you actuly said you'll be coming to Nigeria ..(may be finally) ... I hope that's still in the plan.... too many self/sentiment have taken over from the word/revelation.

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