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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Great News!! Muslims in Malaysia Now Allowed To Legally Become Christians.

from: 27 . 06 . 16

There is new hope for ex-Muslim converts to Christianity in Malaysia after the recent landmark ruling allowed a Muslim man to officially renounce Islam and legally embrace Christianity.

A Malaysian court affirmed the right of a former Muslim to convert to Christianity in a landmark ruling handed down just before Easter.

Rooney Rebit converted to Christianity in 1999 and was baptized at age 24, according to World Watch Monitor. But he was officially considered Muslim due to his parents’ conversion to Islam when he was 8.

Rebit asked authorities to legally declare him a Christian and affirm his right to believe in Jesus. He also wanted the National Registration Department to change his identity card and for his state’s religious department and Islamic Council to officially release him from Islam.

A recent court ruling in Malaysia is seen as good news for a religious freedom there, the decision allows for a Muslim man to officially change his religion to Christianity. We all know, Malaysia is one of the Muslim Nation where Christians were being oppressed and persecuted, but this good news made the Christian people living there see hope that anytime there could be changes with regards to this appeal. People should have the right to choose their religion. Christians have the right to choose their own faith.

2 Comments to “Great News!! Muslims in Malaysia Now Allowed To Legally Become Christians.”
Praise God!
Really? His asking state to be able to become Christian? Religion is a matter of choice not a mandatory. You can become what you want if you want to. A moslem, a atheïst, a Jews.'s your own choice. The state does not own your life or are they? This is so weird

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