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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Hallelujah!!! 200,000 Tibetans, Including 62 Buddhist monks, Come To Jesus!

from: 24 . 06 . 16

Something wonderful in the Christian sense is happening in Tibet, a region in China considered as the highest in the world and the home of Mount Everest, earth’s highest mountain rising more than 29,009 feet above sea level.

Tibetans are mostly Buddhist, but there are also some Muslims and Christians, according to sources.

Last year, one Tibetan Buddhist priest embraced Jesus Christ and became a Christian pastor after seeing the love of Christ shown by a group of Christian workers who helped out and provided relief goods to the people of the region when a major earthquake struck the area, according to Joe Handley, president of Asian Access, a Christian organisation seeking to spread God’s Word in South Asia.

Now, the seed of Christian love has grown. In an update, Handley reports that 62 other Buddhist monks have decided to follow the footsteps of the former Buddhist lama and are now following Christ as well.

And that’s not all. “Just within the last year alone, [church leaders] are estimating that more than 200,000 people have come to Christ as a result of the labours of the Christian community there,” Handley says.

What is causing this avalanche of Christian conversions?

Handley says this is all due to the work of Christian workers who provided hope and healing to the people of Tibet in the aftermath of last year’s devastating quake. “They haven’t seen Buddhists, Hindus, or other religious groups helping in the midst of the rubble. Rather, week after week, it is the followers of Jesus who have proved the test of time, sacrificed their own lives to serve and been the hands and feet of Jesus,” he says.

Asian Access is playing a key role in this spiritual movement by training church leaders with the aim of establishing long-term spiritual growth in the region.

“Asian Access just has the privilege of coming alongside key pastors like the ones that have invested in this Tibetan priest’s life,” Handley says. “We invest deeply, building their capacity so they can reach their communities.”

“God does amazing things when you invest in people and see them grow deeper in Him, grow stronger as leaders, learn how to reproduce other leaders, and then it spreads through church planting efforts in ways that are simply remarkable,” he adds.

Asian Access is now seeking the prayer and financial support of Christians worldwide so that the organisation could nurture the spiritual movement in South Asia.


37 Comments to “Hallelujah!!! 200,000 Tibetans, Including 62 Buddhist monks, Come To Jesus!”
This is wonderful informative news. God bless!
Just when I start to get discouraged about the world and Christanities progress in the world something like this happens. It is as if God reaches down and says to me don't get discouraged, I've got this! Lol What an awesome God, never forget, even if you happen not to see it going on in your neighborhood this very day! So so exciting and will pray as much as possible for the success of these people and their new lives!
Friends, believe me this is not even true story.
You've really impsresed me with that answer!
Jeremiah 29:11 Says For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Remember, when you encounter adversity, know that God isn’t finished yet. He never ends on a negative. He has more in store for you if you will keep pressing forward. Don’t let your thoughts get stuck on the circumstances. Instead, lift up your eyes to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. Trust that He is working behind the scenes on your behalf, and He will lead you into a flourishing finish!
Lord Jesus,I thank you for your endless mercy that exempt humanity from judgment that you have shown to this regions of world.I say yes to you LORD.
The real Buddhism is not and has never been a religion. Buddhism is like a philosophy, a profound knowledge about life, It is like a student who studied medicine and graduate with a doctorate. Can the doctor become a Christian? Since a doctor can be a Christian, Buddhist can also be a Christian. There are many misunderstanding about Buddhist practices like worshipping idol, vegetarian and Buddhist precepts. The real meaning and reasons behind the Buddhist practices have been mixed with misguided superstitious and wrong beliefs. Majority of the Buddhist or even some monks might not even understand these.
True enough, Voices. As you say, many Buddhists don't even know this. Gautama wasn't even willing to conjecture as to the eternal. I know Buddhists who have converted to Christianity. They no longer hold the Buddhist philosophy, which is atheist (until they start praying to Gautama as the "buddha").
You sir are a monkey you have no idea whatsoever a Buddhist is nor do you truly know anything about the Buddha dance for yer church puppet
Gee whiz, and I thugoht this would be hard to find out.
Jesus is coming with an army of angels
Help, I've been informed and I can't become igtoarnn.
You make me sick praying on the weak
We will pray for you to Bob, sorry to hear that someone else's ( a strangers) faith is effecting you in a negative way, not sure why that would be, but I pray for truth and peace in your life.
The word you are looking for is "preying"
So where's the supporting evidence? Or do I have to believe this because it appeared on the internet?
This is really sad, if this news is true. An ancient non-threatening civilization with profound belief system & principles is being slowly absorbed by a 'religion' known for its conquests & conversion. Very sad indeed.
I am so happy that they have successfully infiltrated into a land in crisis to convert the tibetans. Please also plant the seed of Christian love into the hearts of Pastors who are molesting the children in their church. Do not forget the Muslims who are fleeing the warzone countries in Europe. They are in need of help and alot more to be done to convert them. Oh yes, we should not forget our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the LGBT community who are judged viciously by Christians and Muslims. And also our African American Brothers who are suffering as well because of extreme racism. In short, please ensure that the Christian love is spread to the hearts of people who calls themselves Christians and yet are racist, violent, and bigots. Because all we see now is numbers & not quality.
Praise and thanks to Jesus. He is the only Saviour of the world. May God bless us all.
I have the feeling that they were not simply converted to Christianity over night. It takes a lot of money to convert them since they are poor and weak. If you pay me US50k I will be a christian immediately. LOL.
This is not true, don't worry man.
That's how Christian missionary converted the vulnerables for 15 centuries.. No wonder most of the Europeans are leaving Christianity and sooner ppl will stop believing in a fiction book called bible and it's brainwashing words.. Both the Abrahmic faiths Christianity and Islam has only destroyed civilizations by converting them to there idiotic belief.. Till the time Christianity and Islam has money they will keep destroying the civilization with Abrahmic biblical nonsense..
Believe in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and the word of God (The Bible) and so will you be saved. Make maximal use of this opportunity while you have it standing with your feet on the surface of the earth. If you dont, the wholesome truth will come to you afterwards and you will be faced up in the gasket looking towards the sky by which time you may not have this opportunity anymore as you would have gone 6 feet below the earth surface. Look up and do things that please God. and let your lifestyle make others look up and tend towards The God of Heaven and Earth. ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST IN YOUR LIFE AND GIVE YOUR SOUL A HOPE AFTER LIFE. May God lead you the way to this decision, truth and realization.
I am very inspired by how far you have come in blogging and I have taken a personal interest in you and your minstry. I also blog but have not gotten this far and I would be very glad if I received some tips or training from you. God bless u My blog is
Christianity doing there nice job .. always converting many innocent ppl... Christianity is religion or political party ? y r u converting poor ppls? help to others but dont convert ( ny 1 tel me jesus said to about convertion ? if he said that he is the human not a spiritual soul ).. sarvam sivarpanam
Do you believe this story is true? Don't worry about lies.
This post is very suspicious. (1) It fails to give adequate authentication. (2) Look carefully at the supplied group photo of the monks and you'll be shocked to see many duplicated faces. Even in Tibet there are not that many twins and triplets. (3) If 200,000 Buddhists had converted to Christ it would have been widely publicized by Christian denominations and media outlets, but not a peep from any of them. (4) You can't believe everything you read on blogs; especially when accompanied by an appeal for money.
Praise you, JESUS! Bless the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST forever and ever!!!!! More Souls More Souls Coming to Jesus!!!! Thank you, dear Lord! All Glory and All Power to Your Holy Name!!!!!!
Praise God, they demonstrated the love of God through action, that is something we can all learn from. Those that oppose this good work are calling good evil, the Word of God says woe to them. They do not fear God and I fear for what they will endure if they don't repent.
There's none else like Jehovah. Jesus can do it,He'll do even more. To God be the glory and more grease to those Christians standing in the gab for us all. The Lord continue to strengthen you'll in Jesus name...Amen
War unto the mockers of the gospel for your portion is hell. Whether you like it or not Jesus is Lord and he will continue to save His Children in Tibet and the world over. Mockery won't get you anyway. Repent now before you die and face your creator.
I am sorry to ask these question. Where did this happen and when? Would you mind to give more information please? Could you kindly give information. People believe in anything .............if you believe lie as a truth, lie become a truth for that person & vice-versa.
Woot, I will ceirltnay put this to good use!
Abraham Tamang, are you doubting God's ability to touch lives? Believe it or not, He is God and He does great things. Think not that you can confuse people, it might be your turn tomorrow to embrace Christ. Thank you
The nations are for jesus.
Brother you are believing what is not true. Believe in Christ, but if you believe In this false I can assure 1000% not true story. I am from there brother. A person who easily without questioning the validity of this story is asking me a person who is GM from there and investing my life for about 2 decades?

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