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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 27 . 02 . 18


In my observations of individuals’ lifestyle that come to my seminars and retreats, I could easily notice that the difference in people to a large extent is often their lifestyle. It is either they live a high-yielding lifestyle or a low-yielding lifestyle. Please note that those who come to my retreats on regular basis are not just people from the Ukraine or Russia. I have had the privilege of hosting thousands of people from over 50 countries of the world.

This observation however, is consistent in all the people I have interacted with. It becomes clear to me why most people are not successful. For example, it has always puzzled my mind why someone who calls himself a business man, would labor and work for over 10 years without having at least a million US dollars to his name. That to me has always been a mystery. Just like it is a mystery why someone will pastor a church for over 10 years and not have a thousand people.

The same goes with every profession. It has always been a matter of conundrum to me that anyone who is fully dedicated to his profession, giving his best will not be at the top of his art. Nevertheless, we know too many people who are living struggling, striving and trying every day, but still cannot make a head way in their occupations.

Sad enough, many of these people are busy trying to improve themselves. They attend seminars, they travel from conference to conference and they pay a lot of money to go to one training or the other. Still the result is often the same – Lack of a major breakthrough. My discovery has taught me that often, success or lack of success has to do with the question of lifestyle.

The term lifestyle denotes:

  • A particular way of living.
  • The way a person lives or a group of people live the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture.
  • Lifestyle could also mean an individual’s interest opinions, behaviors and behavioral orientations.
  • Lifestyle could also refer to the psychological aspect of an individual’s life such as, his individual values, his preferences and world out looks.
  • An individual’s lifestyle would typically reflect his attitude, way of life, values and world view.
  • Most of our lifestyles are formed involuntarily in us through the influence of our surrounding and environment.

As we have seen above your lifestyle, has to do mainly with your behavioral pattern. I would put it more directly by saying, our lifestyle is what we do every minute of our day.  That is what determines if we are living a high-yielding life or a low-yielding life.

To be continued tomorrow…


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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