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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 01 . 03 . 18



Low-yielding lifestyle and activities always has something to do with feelings, pleasure and ego. Why? High yielding lifestyle thinks more about the future and life investment. Low-yielding Activities will give you or at least promise you an immediate satisfaction, while high-yielding activities might not give you immediate pleasure, but will sure guarantee you a lasting result.

For example, partying and clubbing might look gratifying for the meanwhile. Especially when you compare it to going to extra classes in physics and mathematics. Some people spend their time watching music videos on YouTube. They spend their lives watching others instead of investing in themselves in order to be watched later in life. This is called a low-yielding lifestyle. They waste hours every day spending their lives, instead of investing it. In my case, if I would listen to music, I would do other things parallel to it rather than just wasting away time listening to just music. Furthermore, many waste their lives watching the sports channel. Such things contribute to a low-yielding lifestyle.

Some of these things can be done for recuperation to restore your strength after working hard, but when it becomes a lifestyle, it leads to a low productive life. For the students who spend most of their time watching football, that for sure would not pay for their school fees. At the same time, their parents are busy sweating to pay for their fees and take care of them. These students could have done some online jobs to earn money. The same time they waste on frivolity could be invested in being productive.

“Time well spent results in more money to spend, more money to save, and more time to vacation.” – Zig Ziglar

The reason for life’s failure most of the time is because, most people spend their lives on the so called low-yielding activities.


  1. Most people think it is politically correct for them to answer all telephone calls. Well, that might sound morally right but, is it expedient? That kind of practice brings you lower and makes your life a low-yielding life. The best thing to do is to assess the benefits of each relationship before you decide what time you give to them. A lot of people would rather do something because their friends, family, relatives and colleagues are asking them to do it, but not necessarily because it is what contributes to their life goals one way or the other. Again friends, I am sorry to say but this is another factor that makes a lot of people ineffective in their lives. That lifestyle that makes you to want to make other people happy at the expense of your vision or dream could be detrimental to your dreams and goals.
  2. In some countries, some cultural expectations take you away from your passions, dreams and aspirations, rather than encourage you to move in the right direction for your life. So many people are not doing what they know to be right just because of one social or cultural expectation or the other. If you put as your priority, the desire to fulfill cultural demands, at the expense of your vision and calling, that would eventually cost you dearly.
  3. Many people are actually not attaining the best they could be in their professions and life goals, because they live for the public opinion. They dare not risk. They would not dare so, as not to unleash upon themselves the wrath of the public. Well, that is why it is a low-yielding lifestyle. Most effective people have long overcome those kind of fears to become who they are today.

To be continued tomorrow…


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.



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