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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 02 . 03 . 18


The reason for life’s failure most of the time is because, most people spend their lives on the so called low-yielding activities. WHAT ARE THESE ACTIVITIES THAT ARE LOW-YIELDING?

1. In some societies, certain behaviors are not welcomed especially as regards to women, young men, etc. Some things are expected to be done by men, others by women, others only by older people, and so on. You will observe that even in those societies, the only few people who are greatly successful are those who have been able to break out of the status quo. For example, in the country of Ukraine where I live, it is not expected of a Ukrainian to leave his orthodox faith. It is regarded as a betrayal of the ancestral religion. So even though some know, that they need to go to a more progressive church to experience salvation, yet they would not do it, because it is considered a wrong kind of behavior in the society.

2. In most countries, there are behavioral orientations that limit people from becoming the best they could be, thereby holding them down in a low-yielding lifestyle. Some families have their own behavioral orientation. In some cases, it is a behavioral orientation given by the community which limits the individual from being himself. Behavioral orientations could be given by groups of people, cultures and traditions that forces an individual to live within a certain boundary.

3. Watching of TV is a low-yielding lifestyle. As obvious as that might look, yet millions of people engage in it from day to day. Some people follow serial movies, soap operas, at the expense of the time they are supposed to use to develop themselves or perfect their arts.

4. Some cultures put so much emphasis on dressing and looking good that it has become a lifestyle. A low-yielding lifestyle that consumes hours of our day. Men and women spend many hours trying to just look good. But unfortunately that does not put money in their pocket, just a good feeling.

The list of low-yielding lifestyles and things that contribute to us having this lifestyle could go on and on. The examples I have given above are simply to give us an insight into what we are talking about. I am sure you have your own list of things that hold people back in the low-yielding lifestyle.


 Too many of us are what I call ‘all fun and no cash’ I will like you to ask yourself, what is in it for you in those particular activities that you give your time to. Some people like to watch movies. They spend two hours watching movies per day. Add that up. Can you add that up and tell how much that could give you in a week, a month, a year or in ten years? If you only make as little as 10US dollars an hour and you spend 2 hours a day watching movies there are a lot of things you do that would yield you more than that 10US dollars per hour.

Go online, look for home jobs. There are numerous jobs waiting for you there. But let’s just say 10US dollars cost an hour and you make 20US dollars a day instead of the 2 hours you spend watching your favorite soap opera. If you do that every day of the week, that would result to 140US dollars in cash instead of just good feelings you could have gotten from your movie. In a month that would give you 560US dollars in real money instead of just good feelings.

To be continued tomorrow…


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.



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