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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

History is about to be made in Nigeria, revolution is coming her way and a great Nigeria is a reality. – Olawade David B.

from: 15 . 03 . 17

In my pursuit for God over the years came a burden I haven’t been able to shake off over the years. Out of several burdens I had for the Kingdom, one seems to top my list which is the passion for Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution. I had wept in my secret and couldn’t control the tears has I continually beheld the degrading spiritual state of men around me including believers.

I saw decadence as the order of the day to the extent that it is making the headlines of the media on daily basis. I envisioned men looking for solutions and answers to their challenges and predicaments but they couldn’t get one having visited different places including the church and tried different methods.

With my heart burning as a young believer, I started seeking the face of God to equip me and grant me the enablement to contribute my quota. I discovered that the need of humanity is so much and urgent and my transformation as a believer is the transformation of many. I knew that I was not just saved and spirit-filled to remain as a mediocre because from the beginning of creation, God has a global perspective as regards His mandate. I believe that salvation is also a requirement for global impact, pace setting and trail blazing. I started asking God these questions as an undergraduate day in and day out;

  • How can I be a solution to the needs of mankind?
  • What are the requirements for global responsibilities?
  • What is the essence of my redemption?*
  • How get myself committed to solving societal ills as a believer?

As I continued waiting on the Lord, I got the response of a lifetime which made me put my hands permanently in the plough of national transformation. Guess what it is? Someone got me a book titled “CHURCHSHIFT”. The book “church shift” resulted in the paradigm shift my life experienced as regards kingdom responsibility. While reading the book with yellings in my heart, I got the answers my soul desires. I saw what true ministry is all about. I discovered the pathway for my ministry.

As if that was not enough, I had an encounter that gave me a quantum leap. The Lord while reading the book at a particular night brought the author “Pastor Sunday Adelaja” out of the pages of the book to speak with me. I can’t forget the words and the vision, it is fresh in my memory like the morning dew. The Lord instructed later to pattern my ministry after Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s order for Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening And Global Revolution.

Ever since then I had kept contact with Pastor Sunday Adelaja, he took me as a son and disciple. Words would fail me to narrate the volumes of lessons I have learnt from his words to me, his video messages and broadcast, books and materials.

*His coming back to Nigeria isn’t strange to me because I have seen it in visions years ago and am conscious of it. History is about to be made in Nigeria, revolution is coming her way and a great Nigeria is a reality.*

I am an influencer, an impact maker and a history maker, I am conscious of my status that is why am always ready for the service of redeemiorming mankind and its environment. I always count it a privilege to associate with the Apostle of the Ukrainian Revival, I say it boldly again “I STAND WITH PASTOR SUNDAY ADELAJA”.

*For the love of my Mentor, Mankind and National Transformation*

Olawade David B.


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