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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 13 . 09 . 15

Isaiah 9:16 KJV

For the leaders of this people cause them to err, and they that are led of them are destroyed

Thanks for this articulate and thought provoking write up dear Man of God. The theme of this write up is one of my core teachings in our own small parish here where I superintend. I am so delighted that you have articulated it in a more scholarly way that will make for easier propagation of these critical “kingdom disorder” of our “today’s church” particularly in Nigeria. 

Everything rises and falls on Leadership, and the message you are sending here should be viewed and acted upon seriously by all, most especially “church leaders” of which I am the least. 

In this matter, the pente “rascals” in Nigeria are most gullible and needs reorientation. Here they teach their followers they can get everything by faith. It’s all faith, faith, faith. The average Nigerian Christian claims everything by faith even when they have not worked for it leading people to the erroneous belief that they can get something for nothing. 

Everything is spiritualized. You can get it all, all you need is to fast and pray. The things you don’t need, you just need to “reject it” in Jesus Name. Statements of ‘faith” like it’s not my portion are potent enough to drive disaster away. And people are taught that prosperity comes by “giving”, “giving” and more “giving”, it is called sowing. Most pastors understand the doctrine of “Sacrificial giving”, tithes and 2nd tithes, first fruits more than the central gospel theme of Salvation.

Even the largely innocent (though sometimes gullible) church goers have been so mis-gospelised that when they go to church or Christian programmes, what they are looking for is solution to problems ( financial, health, marital, academic, etc.) hence they are seeking for the problem solving God and not the God of salvation. Their pastors don’t sell the redemption package to them, what they offer them is piecemeal “man (flesh) induced quick-fix solution packages, instead of the “full-gospel” message (package) of Salvation that can grow the believers to spiritual maturity and multiplying the army of Christ. 

Rather, the pastors have become chief consultants in all aspects of life and since everything has gone spiritual, the people have to depend on them for everything including simple matters of everyday living that can be handled using common sense. Talking about industrialization is like writing a computer programme in HLL (high level language) for the church leaders. 

It’s only in Nigeria that I see people going to church when they should be at work or in their places of business. When big church programmes are holding businesses shut down and many people rob their employers of man-hours in order to attend.

The church needs re-direction and this well thought out article of Pastor Sunday Adelaja is a reference material, thoroughly researched and brilliantly presented in a manner that even the simple can understand. 

May God help our church leaders to “understand thou what thou readest” (Acts 8:30) like the Ethiopian eunuch who was reading a material but did not get the import until Philip came to his rescue. 

His sincere confession was that “How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come and sit with him. Acts 8:31

Thank you sir for your bold and righteous crusade of truth. God bless your ministry sir.

Comment by JIMI JOHNSON on the article – The Protestant Ethic And How It Changed The World.


Just like the pentecostal move came into the Nigerian Church space, led by men such as BA Idahosa and many others, there is a new move coming and already manifesting. Some of the things Pastor Adelaja writes are the CLARION CALL for this new move. Many "commanders and soldiers"in this new move have already been called, trained and prepared. yet they needed a BOLD trumpeteer to call them to the fore. This move is a marketplace move. Those in this new army know how to work on spiritual principles yet translate them to practical solutions. They know how to look at spiritual principles and draw series of laws, plans and ways of living to affect society. They know that God created the HEAVEN and the EARTH and hence any advancement of his people must have impact in both realms and at both levels. They are like David- they know how to establish the Kingdom on earth, and to bring God's will on earth as in Heaven. May God empower his people and bring the desired change in our nations.
Thank God for Pastor Adelaja. The article on racism and tribalism was very insightful. Thank u for enlightening people like me. I am very grateful. I repent in dust and ashes. Like Abraham Lincoln said, achievement has no colour. But let's hope that political leaders from Northern Nigeria will not oppose any president who will come after buhari who decides to choose a cabinet that does not comprise a single hausa/fulani. God bless the Church and God bless Nigeria.
Your reference to buhari's government destroys every bit of sense in your comment. It is marred with hateful insight. Next time try to address issues and not bigotry or hatred attack.
After one year, can you still accuse her of hate. I hope the myopia has been cured. Smh
What caused the leaders who mislead the people to do so? If you have love, think on this and stop apportioning blames to people but blame yourselves if what you are saying is true .

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