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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 09 . 07 . 19


Although there are different theories about the creation of the world, I hold the opinion that our world was created by God, the Creator of everything. The process of creating the universe is described in the Holy Scriptures. When you learn how God created everything around you, you will realize that the same laws work for people if they want to achieve something that does not yet exist, that is, to realize their dream and ideas.

The ability to dream is to see with the eyes of the mind the desired result. It is the ability to create and produce something from nothing which is what we have similar to our Creator. The Holy Scripture narrates:

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth…- Genesis 1: 1

In the beginning, there was nothing, except for the idea to create a living world and fill it with living beings. From this “nothing” the Creator created the earth, the stars, and the sun. The word “Created” means bringing things from the unseen world into the visible realm. What was once intangible appeared in the material world. The invisible became visible. This is the ability to convert an invisible dream to physical reality. This is the law of creation, without which nothing that appeared in this world would have appeared. At first, everything was a dream, an idea, and then it was embodied in a material substance.

If you pay attention to what you lack, you will never start. And you need to start because until then you will see that not everything is as bad as it seemed before. God began to create heaven and earth from nothing, although He had something: a thought, a picture, an image. It all started with an idea, and if you still have an idea, believe that your dream is valid. The next stage is mental work: how to find the necessary resources or multiply the little that you have

In his book, Raise Your Financial IQ, Robert Kiyosaki stresses that the problem of lack of money cannot be solved with money. Money comes in the process of solving this problem, and not because you were searching for money itself, but because of your intellectual development in this direction. Any financial drawback is an opportunity to raise your level of knowledge about finances.

The same applies to other shortcomings in life. If you see a lack of something, sit down and start solving the problem in your head – start looking for information. You must find solutions to the problem. Increasing your IQ in this direction, you will approach the solution to your problem, you can find MONEY and other resources FOR YOUR DREAM.

Everything Starts Small

“Everything starts small.” – Cicero

This is an important principle. This understanding will save you from unnecessary feelings and worries. Nothing great starts great. Nothing is born great. Everything is born small and develops into something big. So also was the universe was created. This is the most important principle in life – everything starts small.

Man is born a small baby. Birds, fish, animals are also born small. Lion – the king of the beasts was born a small cub, and a whale was also not born the size of an adult whale. We see a huge elephant and admire its size and strength, but the fact is that it was also once a small elephant. The same goes for success: huge corporations, business structures, enterprises, multi-million-dollar turnover, successful political or creative career – everything started small.

We must understand this principle, if not after seeing something great, we will be mistaken thinking that it has always been great. There’s absolutely nothing like that. “Rome was not built in a day.” No one can build his Rome in one day. Everything that you have will be small at first. Everything starts small. You will surely become great if you learn not to neglect a small beginning.

You heard the expression: “Free cheese is always available in a mousetrap”? This is just about that. A person who expects everything at once would inevitably end up in error or a trap. You can expect a miracle or a stroke of big luck to fall on your head all of a sudden: huge inheritance, lottery winnings, dizzying career, and multi-million business deals. This happens very rarely. And even if it does, it will only bring disappointment and destruction because it will crush you. It’s a disaster when a big thing comes into your life unexpectedly especially when you did not work for it.

You can find a lot of examples of people who won a big lottery which made them feel like the “lucky ones” actually became the greatest tragedy of their entire life. Without preparing for such a great amount of money, they lost everything and even their lives.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.


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By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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