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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 10 . 07 . 19


Dear reader, in this week’s article I want to emphasize that you will never have all that you need to accomplish your dream. There will always be some shortage in your resources in your journey to implementing your plans and dreams. It doesn’t matter how wealthy or poor you are; you will always lack something.

This is why you should never be limited to what you have or do not have. Never depend on what you have, and don’t focus on what you lack. No matter how much you have, it’s still not enough to make your dream come true. This is just how life is configured.

Earlier I said that a real dream will always be “greater” than you. This means that your logic will suggest: “This is impossible. I have nothing to accomplish this. “But the essence of a dream is that you look through the eyes of faith into the future, to something that does not yet exist. And if you have everything you need, then you do not need a dream. Take it and do it. To accomplish a dream, you cannot depend on material resources; everything starts from nothing (remember the principle of creating the world).

If you have everything, then you don’t need faith to accomplish your big dream. Where would be your efforts, movement, struggle, and overcoming obstacles?

Therefore, understand that you will surely lack something, but this is not a tragedy, it is the principle of beginning everything in our world.

For example, money is a resource that definitely will never be enough for you, no matter where you are in your dream.

Stephen Scott, one of the founders of the American Telecast Corporation, writes in his book Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams: “Bill Gates is the richest American, but the Microsoft Company he owns is still borrowing money from banks for its projects.

Steven Spielberg has millions in his bank accounts, while he is still looking for finance on the side for his new films. “Money will always be a “limited” resource.

The same goes for talent and ability: “Oprah Winfrey has an incredible talent, whether she is in front of a huge audience or in front of the camera on the set of the film. At the same time, she is the first to admit that there is a huge amount of talent that she watches from her television guests, which she personally does not possess. Bill Gates is undoubtedly talented, but a recent article in Forbes magazine says that Microsoft would be just a small part of what it is today if it were not for the talents and abilities of Bill Gates’s partners. “

Stephen Scott himself says that he has only four significant talents: he can quickly print text, effectively and convincingly communicate with people, he has the art of behaving right in front of the camera and sell his product and idea. And that’s all! Are his talents limited? Of course! After all, he does not know how to play musical instruments, understand accounting reports or technical descriptions. He is not very versed in computers and computer programs. Stephen Scott has only four significant talents and lacks others. But with these four talents he “produced” $1 million in sales and a lot of companies involved in both insurance and cosmetics. We all have a lack of some abilities, but this should not keep us from achieving our dream.

We cannot expect that we will have all the necessary resources for our dream right from the beginning. This needs to be understood. This will NEVER happen- It is a principle. Do not be discouraged; do not wait for a miracle. All that you wish to carry out will always be “greater” than you, which means that you will NEVER have all the necessary resources.

What we do not have is not the reason for our failures. Everyone has one shortage or the other. We all are in some way lacking. But many people become successful and great in this world despite their lack. Also, we all have enough opportunities around us. You have enough talent. Just use them. As soon as we begin to notice what we have, we will understand that there is no excuse for failure. Successful people paid attention to the opportunities and talents that they had. And life gives us enough chances and opportunities. The reason behind our failures and challenges in life is not about the number of talents and money, for they do not determine our success, the main thing is how well we use what we have.

Our attitude to those things that we lack is where the real problem lies. The boundaries we have created in our mind. Do I lack money, then I will look for where to make money. If one door is closed, I will find another opened door. If we have a positive attitude and perspective at our shortcomings, we will correctly respond and act.

Not having all the necessary resources is not enough reason to be a loser or to be unhappy neither should the absence of family support, money, apartment, etc. hinder your progress. Look at all these situations differently. There are two sides to the coin. Always look at the positive side. A positive attitude and a positive outlook on things will help you FIND resources, including the MONEY FOR YOUR DREAMS.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.


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By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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