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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 11 . 07 . 19


It was a warm evening. Mary held the infant in her arms, singing a lullaby softly to him. Mary’s husband, Joseph, laid out the bedspreads on the floor, preparing a place for sleep. He replayed again in his head the amazing events of the birth of his firstborn, Jesus.

When the angel appeared, Joseph was speechless. The angel told Joseph not to be afraid to marry Mary, although she was pregnant, and as she claimed, from the Holy Spirit. Of course, the words of the angel convinced him, and then he really understood that this child would be a great man, and he was given the responsibility to educate him.

There was a noise outside the door. “Who could it be at such a late time?” thought Joseph

He went to the door and looked out. What Joseph saw was so surprising that Mary asked, “what’s there?” He could not give an immediate answer.
He saw camels, adorned with motley cloaks, on which the people who were on them were seated in even more amazing robes. Such clothes in Israel were rarely worn. Bethlehem residents crowded around, attracted by the unusual procession. And this procession was directed to their house.

 Joseph was right. A few minutes later three men entered the door in the magnificent turbans on their heads. Joseph knew that they were worn in the east. One of the men bowed respectfully and began to explain who they were and where they had come from. As it turned out, they were wise men from the East. They were also called Magi, who know the secrets of the sky. They followed the bright star that appeared in the sky as a sign of the birth of the King, whom the world had never seen before. Their journey was long, but they came with a goal. With them came servants waiting on the street.

After a short explanation, the Sages (Wise men) approached the baby lying in Mary’s arms and bowed. They offered gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh – gifts that were offered exclusively to royalty. Thus they recognized the infant as the future Great King of all times.

The Sages did not linger; they had to return to their country.

When the procession left their street, Joseph and Mary looked at each other in complete silence. Each of them was so stunned that for the first minutes they did not say anything.

Wise men, camels, gifts. It was more than they could imagine. At midnight, Joseph and Mary discussed this event. They were once again convinced that the child Jesus, whom God entrusted to them will be a special person and his destiny will be special.

They hid the gifts which were considered extremely expensive at that time in a safe place. They had not yet decided what to do with them. “But they will be useful to us,” thought Joseph concluding all that had happened. He foresaw with an inner feeling that all this was not for nothing.

That night, when they finally went to bed, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream. “Take the baby and Mary, and flee to Egypt, because they want to destroy Him. Save yourself. This night you must leave, “the angel said clearly and convincingly. Joseph immediately woke up and woke Mary up, giving her the message of the angel. We need to escape. Angels do not just appear. When they left Bethlehem, Mary – riding on a donkey, Joseph – on foot, the head of the family suddenly realized: the gifts of the Magi were very useful. They hurriedly left their country without having enough money in their pockets to find decent housing in Egypt and live there. The only clothes that they took with them were what they had on them, and they did not have time to cook even food for the journey.  They did not know how long they will be in Egypt. But gold, frankincense, and myrrh in Egypt were also very valuable. They can live in a foreign country without suffering.

“How wise the wise men came in time,” thought Joseph, thanks be to God for timely help.

This peculiar interpretation of the history of the worship of the Magi to the Child Jesus was written by the discovery made by the doctor of theological sciences, lecturer, and consultant to government agencies Myles Munroe. This story, described in the Holy Scriptures (see: Matthew 2: 12-15), contains a profound meaning. In his lectures, Dr. Myles Munroe often gives an example of this story and says: “If you have a purpose in life or if you have a goal and a dream, everything necessary for its accomplishment already exists. Your “camels with gifts” are already on the way.

You will agree with me that this was what happened in the story with Joseph and Mary. Imagine a young family with an infant in their arms had to flee in the middle of the night to another country. Not having time to collect their belongings, sell a property, collect money, and move to Egypt. And – oh, what an unbelievable parallel! – They did not leave empty-handed: the gifts of the Magi were a guarantee that they would not starve to death in a foreign country; they could find shelter and take care of the baby.

“A happy coincidence,” you will say. Maybe so. But similar occurrences are not accidental and not uncommon.  Any person who has achieved success will tell you this. If you made a decision not to grieve over what you lack, but act in an attempt to solve the problems that have arisen, you probably for no reason at all “by good fortune” will find the solutions. Suddenly a long-time acquaintance will call, who will arrange his relations and help you. Or maybe you accidentally get acquainted in the trolleybus with a man who also dreams of opening a beauty salon, and your joint resources will make your dream a reality. Or you suddenly find out that your father’s friend works in real estate and can tell you where to rent a cheap office space that you have been searching for so long and unsuccessfully. Often it is just such an accident/coincidence that makes it possible to GET THE MONEY FOR YOUR DREAM.

This phenomenon finds its explanation in the works of Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who described the principle of synchronism. One of the types of synchronicity is the coincidence of internal meanings (thoughts or feelings) with external events. He explains why, when you are looking for answers, they come to you from “unexpected” directions. For example, when you are busy solving a problem, the tooltip suddenly appears on the page of a book, “accidentally” caught in your hands, in the advertisement on the store or in the announcement in your mailbox. Or do you remember a person and he or information about him appeared in your mind? Or – you thought about someone, looking at the phone, and there was a call, and a clue you needed for something you saw in the advertisement on the bus passing by. The principle of synchronicity proves once again that all people are connected by one mental space, and events are the answer to our thoughts. So do not sit idly. Look for solutions, ask mental questions: “Where can I find MONEY for my DREAM?”, “Who can help me?” – then the heavens will respond and answer the solution to your problems.

Henry David Thoreau, an American writer, and thinker said:

“If you confidently move in the direction of your dream and make an effort to live the life you dream about, you will certainly meet luck, unexpected in the usual time.”

He is echoed by Richard Bach, an American writer, philosopher, and publicist: “… as long as we believe in our dream – nothing is accidental.”

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.


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By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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