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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 17 . 08 . 19


 People for some reason think that they need money or other material resources to start something, to succeed in life. This is partly true. I tell you, money is quite still a limited resource: It basically comes to how much you have and it seems to disappear so quickly and at the end will finish. That is money, is a resource that can be exhausted, it is a limited resource. 

Your internal resources which are part of your differences, unlike money, are inexhaustible. Money will sooner or later come to an end but my inner resources, my essence will never run out. If my strength is for example my emotion, then no matter how much I expend it, no matter how much I use this resource, no matter what I do, whatever I am doing, I’ll be doing everything emotionally! Because it is my essence, this is me by nature, a part of me, it is impossible to separate it from me. It is inexhaustible: the more you spend this internal resource, the more it becomes. Or vice versa: I am not emotional and calm because I, I am a carrier of peace. From me emanates so much peace and quiet that even adults are lulled and sleep like babies. Your internal resources are much more powerful than limited material resources, including money.

Internal resources, such as a bright smile is an endless, inexhaustible resource. Why? Because God Himself has placed them in us. All that people have created, money and material things of course have limits, they will finish. That which God has given, has no limits, because it is something that lives within you. God is the Spirit, and the Spirit has no end, has no limits, no restrictions. Therefore, what the Creator put in us, His nature and essence this is the only thing that will always remain with you. You do not have to seek it, acquire or strive for it in any way.  That which God has placed in us is the only thing that will never end, it is the only thing you will not need to worry about disappearing or going somewhere else. 

Any of your internal resources, even your smile can be turned into material resources. For this we need to approach people and just say hello, giving them a smile. Now everyone knows the image that we call “smileys” the styled graphic representation of a smiling human face. Traditionally, it looks like a yellow circle with two black dots, which represent eyes and a black arc, symbolizing the mouth. This logo is now popular because someone realized his internal wealth, a smile and today it is a billion-dollar business. Imagine that! a picture of the human smile, J, “smiley”, generates billions of dollars in revenue!

For example, I know that my distinctive quality is a passionate approach to everything I do, I do all things with my full emotional involvement. What can I do with this? All that I need to do is to find a sphere and I will be successful there because of my inner richness. No matter what, I can do anything, business, because due to my inherent qualities, I will always be the best there, I’ll always be successful. Why? Because I have the most important thing through which I will always reach success, it’s me, my difference. When I found out for myself that my difference is passion, then to me, the rest is very simple. All that is left to do is to find a topic (sphere of action, task, vision) and start to ” advance ” it, using as an advantage my strong distinctive traits.

My main topic is my mission on earth for which I am living and for me it is that everybody knows there is God. I found this out when I was 19 years old and I think that is quite late. I lamented that I had wasted so much time, I bit my fingers, why didn’t I know this before? When I realized that there is a living God, when I found out that everything written in the Bible is true, then I decided that I would give my life for it to convince the whole world about its misconceptions about God. No, I did not have the money. All I knew is that I had passion and emotion and I decided that I would use all my internal resources to open people’s eyes to who God in reality is.

I came to Ukraine with 20 dollars in my pocket. Know what I started doing? I just started to meet people women, girls, boys, men, and their families. I started to do it on the streets, in parks and in public transport, everywhere possible, “listen, you may not believe it, but there is a God!”. I told them just words, but as I spoke they started to cry and my words ignited their hearts. Although they did not understand a lot of what I told them because I did not speak fluent Russian at the time. It was not easy for people to understand me but they were struck by my sincerity, that they all asked one and only one question: What do we do? Just tell us what to do? Many of them followed me. In one year, I met with a lot of people, around 30,000 people!

That’s what passion, not money provided me. The success in dealing with people, not material things made people to follow me. Passion is much stronger than money! Your inner wealth is much more than material resources.

We can continue my list of distinctive features. Next item on my list is focus, that is: if I start to do something, it is difficult to distract me, to force me to take my eyes off my goal. I persistently continue to beat at one point until I achieve my aim until I get my desired result. This quality is best described in the words of Jacob August Riis, pioneering social reformer:

when I look at a stonecutter, who hits the rock a hundred times with a hammer, without even a crack appearing but with the hundred and one hit with the hammer the rock breaks, I think the rock was broken not by the last blow but by their combination.”

Is this not a magnificent picture of perseverance and focus? Namely this approach is indicative of me. I’ll blow after blow until I achieve what I started for!

Therefore, no matter the topic I choose, and really, it does not matter which one, through my focus I will achieve success in any field! If your advantage is discipline, then no matter what you do, you can be the first there. These are the results inner wealth can bring you, even in the absence of material wealth which includes money. Do not neglect the true riches hidden inside you! Discover your difference and turn them into your wealth!

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it!

Excerpts from the Book “THE LAW OF DIFFERENCE”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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